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I've been multiple monitors since I put a monochrome card in alongside the CGA card - they used different address spaces. I now have three displays on my MacBook Pro, the third running off a DisplayLink DL 195 adapter. I also use Spaces. The difference is: three monitors allow complex and multiple related displays, e.g. score on the monitor over the keyboard, DAW on the large monitor, and property sheets on the MBP monitor. Spaces - use for unrelated human multi-tasking, one space for office stuff (email 3tc), one for studio, one for programming. As a couple of others have already noted, these little USB adapters do a pretty good job. But note that DisplayLink is an OEM chip company; the actual devices you will buy are made under other names. Also be aware that there are two distinct flavors, the cheap ones based on the DL 165 and the slightly pricier ones based on the DL 195. The difference is in maximum resolution. Many options on eBay or Amazon, search on "USB DIsplay Adapter". Be sure to only buy from one that included specs and chip type used - not all sellers do.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2010 on Three Monitors For Every User at Coding Horror
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Apr 11, 2010