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Warren Beyda
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TBBT != "representation of true geeks"; TBBT == "lowest common denominator stereotypes";
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I was totally appalled at the reference that Sheldon made for Ubuntu. I mean seriously what is up with all the Mac's and the serious lack of technical jokes. I would only see Sheldon as a FreeBSD user. Maybe Leonard might use Linux or one of the dumber cast members. But Sheldon? no way! All paths of geekdom end at FreeBSD as my professor used to say. There are so many FOSS and GNU/Linux jokes to be made on that show and after 3 seasons we finally get one Linux/UNIX reference . . . UBUNTU!! For crying out loud! FAIL FAIL FAIL. Honestly I quite watching the show after that. True geeks hate this show and I always stuck up for it. Now I regret ever doing so. Only if they had Richard Stallman, Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and Brian Kernighan as guest stars would that show be worth redeeming to true geeks. Hell even David Korn's hillarious story about embarrasing the Microsoft spokesman at the USENIX conference. Or get Linus on there and have Sheldon recite Linus jokes Anything besides stupid wii jokes and World Of Warcraft jokes. I mean come on? you really think the Sheldon's of the world's lives are filled with video games, comic books and Star Trek TOS? . . . maybe TNG or Voyager :)
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Jul 21, 2010