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Kelly, Great tips. Many thanks. I've seen some but not all of these resources, so I'll chase them down. -- Warren
ANY LEADS? I received this email: "I read your recent blog post about meeting with Hispanic leaders with great interest. We partnered with a guy last year who started a Hispanic church in his living room. It’s grown to about a 100 (almost all new believers) – and he’s thinking it’s time to hand it over to someone younger, with more energy and experience who can lead it forward from here. I have no idea how to go about finding a strong bi-lingual Hispanic leader for this church. Just wondering if you could help me do some networking to find someone for this plant in Austin?" IF YES, PLEASE EMAIL:
Here's a recent link with some excellent suggestions from other people about writing a book:
On 7/27/09, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article on this topic (and which quoted this blog). Here's a relevant excerpt, plus a link to the entire report by Christopher Quinn: At the Rolling Hills Baptist Church in Fayetteville, the pastor is trying to sell the building from under his congregation. Amen, said the congregation, which is $150,000 away from paying off $1.4 million worth of land and buildings. In a metro area known for megachurches, prosperity preachers and church-owned sports fields, Rolling Hills, which has 100 congregants, has joined a national movement that is challenging the very idea of what makes a church. In this time of economic famine, Rolling Hills wants to lose the mortgage, air-conditioning bills and insurance costs and move members off the pews so they could do more work in their community, in downtown Atlanta, and in Mexico and Honduras. . . . So . . . last October, in a 95-to-5 vote, the church agreed to sell the property, which is on the market. Once the building is sold, the church may look for a general-purpose building to rent, where congregants can meet for services, store clothes to be given to their foreign-missions projects or use for community programs.
Nathan, absolutely yes. Those who take the survey will get our illustrated write-up delivered directly to them by email the day we release it -- actually before it gets publicly announced. Then everyone else, including yourself, can download it for free at The public release will be 7/14/09, via our e-publication ADVANCE, a free twice-monthly email with trends and resources, which you're welcome to subscribe to if you don't already: