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Warren Huber
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I'm glad that you're finally finding some peace from your anxiety. I think that the older fans really did you a disservice over the years. For those of us geeks who are a few years younger than you, Wesley and you were heroes. You still are. Heck, you were one of my first boy-crushes, long before I really began to realize I was gay even! Wes's dialog may have been crap, but the character (read: all those things that you as an actor conveyed) really spoke to me. Wes was me, but liberated by "the future": the adults actually listened to him (eventually), tolerated his exuberance, and eventually accepted him as a valued crewmember and equal. Now at 28, I still see you/Wes as one of my heroes. If I ever have the money and time to get to a ST Con, it's you that I'd be most hoping to meet (though I do get excited over all of the cast!). I've always wondered why you were so infrequently seen after TNG, and it give me personal hope for myself to see that you're pulling out of that (I guess I'm going to have to pick up watching Eureka again!). I'm struggling through some related lifecrap right now (for the past 10 years actually) and there might be some light ahead in my tunnel (though I hear a train somewhere, I keep praying it's not the source of the light). I guess I really needed to stumble upon your blog right now in my life... thanks! now back to homework....
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Jun 1, 2010