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I hate the question, "Where are you from," because, if I'm being truthful, I have to answer, "New Jersey." It is the summer of 2003. My husband, who is not yet my husband, and I are trekking across Europe. For... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2010 at New Jersey Moms Blog
Oooh! So glad SOMEBODY said it. It's a lifestyle, not a one-day one-shot deal. And, as parents, modeling this lifestyle, not making junk sculptures, is what is going to impart these values to our children. I am so with you on this.
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I have to say that this is a very personal issue for me, as I am both a former teacher and have worked the last ten years for an educational non-profit in NJ, developing prevention programming for schools. I have very strong opinions about this topic...but I'm also anxious about alienating or being at odds with a group of people who I am first getting to know. That's just being honest. I'll try to thrown in my two cents without being too incendiary. In the past two years, because of the economic climate of New Jersey, my non-profit lost a significant amount of state aid AND schools could no longer on their own afford the efficacious peer leadership/advisory/ student and family advocacy programming I develop. Thus, our organization suffered terribly, went through a first round of layoffs last year...everyone took at 10% pay cut this year...and just a month ago, I, too was laid off. This was quite a blow to me. I love the work that I do. I know that it was impacting THOUSANDS of NJ kids. Though I could make far more in private practice, I chose to work in a non-profit because I want to make a difference. At first I was appalled at the deep cuts Christie made in the education budget. Then, when he shocked everyone, especially the NJEA, by explaining that the cuts could be avoided (and consequently the pink slipping of many new enthusiastic teachers and further elimination of much needed programming) by having teachers pay into their benefits and take a one-year pay freeze...I had a newfound respect for him. Remember, I was a teacher myself. It's not a bad gig. Decent pay. Excellent health benefits. A pension. Good hours (though I was never able to keep to public school voted down the union and so we were ALLOWED to stay as late as we wanted, and I did). I do not think that Christie is not asking all that much. I would have done it in a heartbeat, if I knew it would have kept the job of my newbie colleagues in tact. I am sure that others fear that if they give him an inch, he'll take a yard. This opens up a much larger debate about the NJEA, which I would be willing to engage a respectful manner...if others wanted to discuss. But as for this particular issue, I (a liberal democrat who did not vote for Christie) am behind him.
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Mother's Day Brunch
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Mar 9, 2010