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The second running was not a mistake. This ad's getting a lot more bang than the little bucks they're putting behind it. The target audience--conservative legislators and their staff--doesn't care about being offensive; they revel in it. Now they'll see this ad everywhere again, reposted--for free--in dozens of fora. It'll probably be run again, with the same apologia, next time the Alba--er, Osprey comes up for a funding vote.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2005 on Unleashing Hell Ironically at BAGnewsNotes
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Vis-a-vis the Catholic question, I think it is appropriate to ask a nominee whether he or she would feel obligated to exercise the powers of his or her office in conformity to the command of a religious leader. That is not necessarily a matter limited to Roman Catholics. Such a question seems particularly apt regarding Roman Catholics given the recent threats of excommunication made by some American bishops. Vis-a-vis virginity, I think that both the primest virgin and the most lascivous fornicator could appreciate the freedom to choose how to conduct his or her sexual life--if they are satisfied with their choice or able to take responsibility for it. On the other hand, either sort could wish that some authority had saved them from themselves, if they are unhappy with the consequences of their choice.
One wonders where A3G gets her fine pay, if she's not spouting rigmarole on behalf of the guilty.