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I love this. One of my favorite edibles is nasturtium seeds. Everyone knows about the flowers but the seeds are so much more intensely peppery. I eat them while they are still green. And if you don't need lovely flowers, but just petals for your food, you can harvest the nasturtium flowers as they are going by, use the petals and still get the seeds. Fabulous!
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2012 on The Extra Edibles at Garden Rant
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And to think, I was using one of Suzy's other books, The Garden in Winter, for inspiration! Now I'll have to change that! I have a collection of small vases left over from my wedding. I use them to collect small scented flowers--muscari, lilies of the valley, smaller roses--and to place them where I can enjoy them most: on my desk, by the computer, next to the bed and in the bathroom. that way I always have fragrant flowers nearby!
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Feb 22, 2010