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Interests: Pursuit of the perfect hair day, Painting the world pink, Burying my house in yarn, Wrapping my family members in head-to-toe knitted ensembles, Declaring brunch the most important meal of the day, Establishing a refuge for homeless bath products, Locating the relaxation gene, Forming the committee to abolish housework, and making Auntie Mame mandatory reading for all Americans.
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I just put up a new post linking to Coras story and talking about why pulse ox is in my birth plan. You rock. Im sending you lots of love and light tonight.
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Mar 15, 2010
I vote for the Magnet school. I grew up in a very small town with none of those options, and while the transition would have sucked, I spent large amounts of time pining for a better school. You can always go back to the old school if things don't work out after this year, but you might not always be able to move to the better school. As for chess, my husband is a chess freak and pretty much lives at chess dot com where you can have as many games going as your little geeky heart desires. There are some good handheld games on amazon as well.
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Switching back because I can't find template builder in the new typepad.
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