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Wayne Atchley
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Well, one thing to remember is the difference between Computer Science and Software Development. Some of you will say they are the same, but I will argue till I die that there is a HUGE difference. I started out as a CS major, but after many classes with little programming and a LOT of theory I changed majors. I did not want to be a Computer Scientist... I wanted to be a computer programmer. My advisor did not recognize this, so I quit altogether and changed majors out of the college of Science and Technology. I eventually went back and finished CS as a minor, but still wrote very few applications. Looking back, I know that the theory was needed and I use some of it, but I was learning about Big O and algorithm design, while my friends were at a JuCo learning Visual C and C++. The point, if there is one, is that it's possible to go through college and get a Computer Science degree and know a lot of terms and theory, but not have super strong programming skills. It's the difference in paper skills and real skills. But the paper gets you an interview.
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Authenticated with my google credentials without a problem. I personally like seeing who starts or continues a flame war so I know who to ignore. Constructive criticism or alternative points of view are always appreciated, but name calling and sarcasm is just pointless. This is not the correct venue for such behavior.
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Feb 16, 2010