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I agree with Brian,Mitur Binesderti you telling me to make up a project and do it. I love programming and I do it for the fun of it but I'm a fresh grad and need to survive I need a job so I make up a couple of projects and do them, then show up at ur work and u are inteviewing me, which might go luck this: Mitur Binesderti->so have u got any experience Me-> yeah 4 yrs Mitur Binesderti->tell me about it? Me-> I made up a bunch of projects and I did them Mitur Binesderti->I'm sorry I meant commercial experience, good-bye That is if I was lucky enough to score an interview, Certification is the best way to learn in a structured manner if you want to learn something thouroghly. I have tried to be self taught and by doing but programming is 50% knowledge and 50% problem solving even less problem solving if all u do is implement business processes. So why shouldn't those individuals who work hard for months get a fair go. You won't give me a job if I have no experience so how am I supposed to know anything and in this under-developed industry like Brian said who really knows everything to be an authority on everything?
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on Do Certifications Matter? at Coding Horror
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Sep 13, 2010