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Ontario Canada
Interests: music, guitars, current events, writing, technology, blogging, politics, economics, personal growth, social media, the environment, song writing and predicting the future. :)
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Mar 15, 2010
Powerful article David and for any company getting engaged in social media. It feels like you spin a top and you have no idea where things will go. I'm sure this will scare some companies but many should see it as a great opportunity to try new things and be creative. Transparency is becoming more valuable for companies and if you have major skeletons in your closet or someone with a major grudge it could cause some concerns. Bottom line: even negative publicity is good for business. Maybe Starbucks should have not stopped the campaign but instead develop a counter message... to get supporters. Kevin
Thanks Mark. The tribes book is excellent and provides interesting opportunities for all of us to lead in this new economy. Deb I agree that technology and tribes combined are changing the level of how we interact and the impact we can have on things. It is an exciting time where lots of intersting opportunities abound. Kevin
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Thanks Debra... Both talks were exciting and touched on common themes about too much noise, getting beyond the clutter and taking risks. And yes Seth did talk about Tribes. I'm reading it now. Kevin
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Thanks Debra. It is true many of us forget the inner experience and yet it is probably the most important aspect of life.
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Chris has an openness that doesn't have a lot of ego attached. This is good and it makes him very approachable, fun and enjoyable. Although we've never had a direct discussion Chris has connected to me both on Linkedin and Twitter which as a newby makes me feel important. His blog is one of the most valuable resources for people looking to navigate social media and blogging. Kevin
This is a good example of the bigger web world and what it all means. I remember those futurists from the 60's who designed these buildings where everything we needed to live would be included. Funny thing was they never anticipated the Internet.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2009 on Social media is a cocktail party at Web Ink Now
Just saw this article now. There is definitely a long way to go where we will treat all people as equals, however Barack's win is an important first step and I believe it's a message of our potential. I wrote a few posts about Barack during the campaign Kevin
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