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This is so wonderful to hear! Thank you!
I'm here, I'm here! Just up to my eyeballs in children and household and maternity leave, which is swiftly coming to an end... Hope to be back soon. Thank you for checking in!
So glad you liked it! x
Really only 1 teaspoon...
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2017 on Fannie Farmer's Oatmeal Bread at The Wednesday Chef
Aaaaaand, it's naptime again, which means it's time for another blog post written on the fly! (Cue lots of cartoon dust clouds and "peee-ow" acceleration noises as your heroine's fingers fly on the keyboard.) I don't know about you, but... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2017 at The Wednesday Chef
So glad you love my blog! That means a lot. But I can no less stop talking politics than I can about my children. Hope you understand!
Lucky, lucky you on the apricots! And how cool that you got your supermarket to carry Quark! Thank you for being such a supportive reader too - I am so grateful!
Interesting! I always thought the whiskey/whisky thing was about Irish vs Scottish?
Ooh, what a nice idea! I'll ask her. Stay tuned!
An unfortunate side effect of stress baking! :)
Yes, it's the best - hands down!
Urgh, so sorry! Glad you guys are enjoying the rhubarb cake though.
I like your style.
Yes, and it is truly spectacular. Hope you like it!
You and me both - stress baking over cocktails, please! :)
It's taken me about a year to want to bake again. After finishing work on Classic German Baking, I didn't want to even be in the same room as a piece of cake for a very long time. I don't... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2017 at The Wednesday Chef
No, not yet! Sounds amazing.
Sure. But I'd probably then just do it by hand... gives good muscle tone! :)
It's actually not that easy to find. I bought my jar (which I just finished) at a random little Turkish grocery store in my old neighborhood. But none of the Turkish grocers I've been to in my new one have dried mint! For what it's worth, the jar was labeled as "nana mint", which is what is used in Moroccan tea. So if you're really sure that your tea bags have mint in them AND NOTHING ELSE, then yes, use those!
Ahhh, got it. :)
Babies are definitely easier than 1-year-olds! :)
Here's a good blueprint!
She's the recipe magician of a generation!