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That is just lovely to hear. Good luck with your research; the baking can wait! :)
Thank you!
I specifically developed the recipes only with vanilla extract because the book was written for American bakers and kitchens, where good-quality vanilla extract is the norm, but I have to say that I on principle never use Vanillezucker either (except for Chrisbrot). I don't particularly like it; the store bought kind is often made with synthetic vanilla, it adds more sweetness to a recipe, etc. And the "authenticity" of the recipes is in no way compromised by using extract. So I don't really have an answer for you on substituting Vanillezucker. Try by using 2 teaspoons of Vzucker when 1 teaspoon of extract is called for?
I've never heard the Yiddish version, though I'm not surprised to hear it exists. I'm afraid I don't know in which direction to point you on finding the actual verses, though, I'm sorry.
Thank you, Gayle! x
Do you follow me on Instagram? Under the #germanbakingbook hashtag, you should be able to see a lot of the things I baked during the testing process and under the #classicgermanbaking hashtag, you can see the final results from readers and reviewers... I hope to do a round-up on here at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later!
Oh, how wonderful. So happy to hear it!
Thank you!
I wish!!
Oh, how lovely. I very much hope the book feeds you well over the years! Thank you.
How lovely are baking rituals with children? The best. Thank you!
Thanks, Giulia!
Thank you!
Thank YOU!
Julia, I am so glad you like the cover and I hope you love the book!
You are so welcome! Viel Spaß beim Backen!
You can do it, I promise! :) Thank you so much for your lovely words. Hope you get some quiet time with the book soon!
So happy to hear it! You can get Hirschhornsalz at most grocery stores now; I know Netto is already stocking it for Christmastime...
Thank you!
Thank you so much, Abby. I hope that you'll be baking lovely German things a lot sooner than 60 years from now! :) Anyway, Schloss Charlottenburg may be one of my very favorite places in Berlin, sigh, how lovely to imagine you eating cake there! :)
Thank you. I have lots of sources for Springerle molds in the back of the book! You might want more than one... :)
There are no plans for a German edition at this point...
Ha, I'm still traumatized by the smell of butter in my hair, but I miss baking with you so much! Bis morgen... xo
Thank you!
Thank you!