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Sure. But I'd probably then just do it by hand... gives good muscle tone! :)
It's actually not that easy to find. I bought my jar (which I just finished) at a random little Turkish grocery store in my old neighborhood. But none of the Turkish grocers I've been to in my new one have dried mint! For what it's worth, the jar was labeled as "nana mint", which is what is used in Moroccan tea. So if you're really sure that your tea bags have mint in them AND NOTHING ELSE, then yes, use those!
Ahhh, got it. :)
Babies are definitely easier than 1-year-olds! :)
Here's a good blueprint!
She's the recipe magician of a generation!
Not mistaken - that's what the recipe says! :)
Oh, honey. Hugs to you.x
I really don't know. This kind of loaf isn't usually a sourdough, though...?
Oh, I hear you. We started giving Bruno one bottle a day at 2 weeks old because we wanted to have the option of someone other than me feeding him once in a while! That helped immensely - he takes the bottle easily and breast feeds easily. Phew! When I was in Helsinki, I brought along a bottle with formula powder, just in case he woke up hungry. It would have been a bit complicated to do, as the person minding him would have had to organize hot water, etc, but luckily he slept through.
It's 32.5cm long at the base and 35cm long at the top.
Thank you. It feels good!
Thank you!
Ha, it's magical stuff!
Yay! :)
Ooh, I agree. And sourdough is fun!
Well, that is just lovely to hear! Thank you.
He's a very easy baby, so I'm lucky. I brought his car seat and stroller base, so we were mobile (and took taxis whenever necessary). During my hour-long presentation at the conference, one of the organizers took him on a little walk (but he'd fallen asleep in the cab on the way to the conference, so he just slept the whole time, what an angel!). Otherwise, I just had him with me as I walked through the city, had a few meals, met up with a friend. And then we flew home again. We took baby Hugo on a 16-day book tour at the same age, so this felt like a cakewalk in comparison!
Omg omg omg, you guys, the baby's down. Asleep. In the bedroom. In the middle of the day! WHAT. I know! I should go shower. But instead I will blog. It's like the good old days! Who knows how long... Continue reading
Posted May 2, 2017 at The Wednesday Chef
It's really nuts, isn't it? Thank you!
Aren't they the worst? No, the title isn't a reference to I&J - it's a silly "column" I started after Hugo started eating solids as a baby.
Aw, what a lovely thing to say!! Thank you!
Yum! Yes, I miss that oil too....xo