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Katie Weidmann
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Bit late to the party here, but my husband and I both *love* Tabletop. We sporadically play board games anyway, but Tabletop has really inspired us to play more (and buy more). I don't know if you play it in future episodes, but if not and y'all decide to make more episodes, you might want to consider Zombies!!! We would certainly be interested in watching you play it. In other news, I don't suppose you have any pull over TNT and how they allow people to watch Second Watch, do you? I live in the UK now, and I don't have a cable provider with which I can log in to watch Second Watch. I was able to view the first episode over here, but subsequent ones show some of the ads, say others are not available, and then hang on 9 seconds, never allowing me to watch the show. Frustrating that I can get ads, but not the show the ads are paying for. I would have loved to watch Second Watch because I found it interesting, and you hosting it would be the icing on the cake. At least it was for the first episode...I fear I'll not know for the rest--somehow I doubt that we'll suddenly gain access to Second Watch when the second season premieres over here (this week!).
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Jul 11, 2012