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Jamee Welch Levy
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Jamee Welch Levy added a favorite at Attic24
Dec 20, 2012
Jamee Welch Levy added a favorite at Attic24
Mar 19, 2012
I have heard these called english knots...
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I have this book, and it is wonderful! There is a wonderful introduction to redwork, which covers fabric selection, thread choices, hoops and frames, and transferring techniques, as well as the projects! You cant go wrong with this book!
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Jamee Welch Levy added a favorite at welovefrenchknots
Aug 5, 2011
I am loving the transfer eze, and your blog!
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2011 on Product Review: Transfer-eze at welovefrenchknots
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WOW! Bari, you are such a blessing! I am a self taught stitcher, but was baffled with this block of the stitch along sampler...tyvm for all your hard work, and sharing!
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I highly recommend TRANSFER EZE...if you can find it! With this, you download or copy patterns right onto the transfer film with your printer, it sticks on your fabric, and disolves in water when you are done!
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I am ready! I cant wait!
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I cant wait!
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2011 on Ramping Up at welovefrenchknots
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Jul 9, 2011