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You even imitated that odd couplet in the original song that doesn't rhyme at all.
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2009 on Now it's stuck in my head, too at The Soxaholix
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Yes, all governments have supported art, the way governments do, to the benefit of the powerful and connected at the expense of the individual and the up-and-comer. The NEA was founded under a governing philosophy that foresaw the end of the middle class. The purpose of art, under this philosophy, was to shock and disorient the bourgeois into some new understanding. It was also to defeat the individual, who in Marxist philosophy was sticking to old middle-class thinking, in favor of the collective. If the past 60 years has taught us anything, it is that the middle class is more in charge than ever, with both extremes of the income ladder doing their best to get in. Reagan's assault was cultural, yes, but in the end it was about giving the people what they wanted. All these car dealers and dentists after all were paying the bill, they might as well get what they want. The NEA was an institutional attack on the middle class and so failed outwardly, but also inwardly. It was the institutionalization of the avant garde. The avant garde, if it meant anything, would have refused NEA funding. Instead the money established power bases from which institutional artists could control a piece of surrounding countryside. All governments support art as a method for the powerful to connect with other power at the expense of those who might topple them from the pyramid. In the end, the NEA was not the only harm done to art, but it was a net loss and we would be better off if it was gone completely.
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Checking in from Boston. Iwamura was a constant threat at the plate and a treat to watch in the field. The Sox comments here make me sick to my stomach.
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