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I took a look at some of those tracking apps and ultimately ended up using Podio ( I started using Podio at work to track leads, sales, and projects so I was familiar with its ease of use and customization. You can enter almost any kind of data including numbers, dates, dollar amounts, contacts, hyperlinks, pictures, automatic calculations, and fixed option categories. You should set it up on their website, but then you can add in data on the go with the mobile app. You can load existing data in via CSV or Excel and you can also output to those formats so that you can take your data over to something like Statwing ( for easy statistical analysis. Podio is free for up to five users and 1GB of storage, after that it’s $8 a month, but that 1GB will take you pretty far, especially if you’re not storing files or images on there. Ultimately I’m hoping for a combo website/app to track all of this stuff, using API’s whenever possible and doing basic statistical analysis automatically. See my post about that at and some of the websites that I’m hoping will evolve into this on my resources page at under the header “Self-tracking – Ways to track your data”. As always, thanks for the great post! Dave @wellnowbe
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Sep 25, 2012