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It's the Air Force, what do ya expect?
Bibi is HOT!!! Sexy Soldier!!! It was such a thing of beauty to watch barry get taken out. I loved it. I love Israel. Now if only American Jews would love Israel. Hopefully for the rest of his visit he will be treated w/respect and kindness. Do you think the republitards learned anything from watching how it's done?
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on Netanyahu Sets Obama Straight at Atlas Shrugs
If you are talking about the fist, I was wondering that myself. That symbol is the one the unions and soros people use. My guess is they are all part of the team i.e. permission to use it. Reported.
Wonderful! Great pictures in the video. Thanks!
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2011 on Heat on an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
Arafat used tatyquia (sp) all the time, they are muzzies and it's what they are gonna do. Anyone ever notice how much Arafat and Helen Thomas look alike? Netanyahu is correct as long as it's taught it will continue, and as long as islam is alive it will be taught.
Miss Pamela was awesome. I thought my head was going to explode listening to Richard. Yes dude, Obama is evil, pure evil and hates our country.
So sorry, this goes way beyond a few bad apples, that argument isn't gonna fly anymore.
I couldn't agree more, cut the mic. They are like children, the mic gets cut on them a few times and they will eventually learn to be respectful.
I have already said I am a bigot, so what is your point? Those names do not bother me. One of the Airmen killed is from my town, so yeah, I take it personally. I could give a shit about you or Kosovo.
Staged is a good word.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2011 on How Not to Win the War at Atlas Shrugs
Do you feel ashamed for sitting on your high horse making judgments and assumptions? You cannot be racist against a religion. I would be a bigot and when it comes to islam I am not bothered by being called a bigot. When all the "good" muslims rise up against islam and actually do something to change the ideology then I will quit being a bigot against all muslims. The "religion of peace" is bull shit.
We need some of the blue panels for Westboro. Prayers w/these GI's and their families.
"Just because one Kosovar Muslim killed two Americans, it doesn't mean that Kosovo is a place filled with terrorists. You are quickly jumping into conclusions with no facts!" .....that bull shit doesn't fly anymore, this is war and islam wants it. To hell w/islam and muslims.
I would like to hear Peter King's comments. This is just insane.
The voice that goes w/it is every bit as bad. This is what it looks like to be "organized". The right is sooo far behind it's pathetic. I just hope and pray Walker will stand tall and true. God Bless him. The poor man hadn't a clue what he would be facing.
It does matter unfortunately, unless the Tea Party and American public are 100% behind him. Look at what they did to Christine O'Donnell. I didn't care for the woman, but I rallied because she won the votes of the people. "The Party" completely threw her under the bus and she lost. Had they given 100% she just might have won. They will do the same to West. It will be harder because there is no comparison between the two, but still if they dont' want him they will do their best to prevent him from running. I would love for him to tell them to f*ck themselves. You made the point I am trying to make. Don't get me wrong I would love nothing more than for the LTC to become our next President and should he run I will work my ass off for him, but the PEOPLE have got to make it clear we want him and the hell w/the party. Like I said he needs MONEY and the American People behind him. I think if more people knew about him that wouldn't be a problem. It's our job to get his name out there to help him. Always give to the candidate and not the party!
So glad to see this going viral, the American public needs to see this. The man is just orgasmic. And the only republican w/balls besides Bachmann, Palin, and Brewer.
I agree. The country needs him now, not in the future. I sincerely doubt the party will support him, they fear him...which is all the more reason for him to run. He needs money, lots and lots of money.
True to an extent. Some chose not to listen, but then enough of us didn't push hard enough to make them listen until it was too late. It was like talking to a brick wall, the mistake was not to unite as a force to make them listen whether they wanted to or not. Thus the Tea Party was born. Pressure should have been put on the politicians over the birth certificate. Much of America was asleep, and sadly, many still are asleep. I was called a racist a gazillion times over and really didn't care, I knew what I was seeing. Racist and bigot mean nothing to me anymore. But I do believe it was a very well organized coup and they got away w/it.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2011 on A Subversive and Dangerous President at Atlas Shrugs
I agree, it definitely was a coup....and we did nothing.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2011 on A Subversive and Dangerous President at Atlas Shrugs
That is the exact reason I call her the sultry wench. I got slammed for it. Do I care? No. There is a right place and time for everything, and this woman knew exactly what she was doing in the war zone in Afghanistan. I hated her reports from out of the Stan, her sexual overtones were over the top and the guys hated her. These people will do anything to "get the story" including slutting yourself out as she did there and in Iraq on U.S. bases. Cairo ain't the US military bases. I agree 100% the rules of the game changed and she did not heed warning. I hope the woman heals, and it's a real shame what happened, but sometimes ya gotta use common sense and let go of that wish of Pulitzer. The American media think they own the world and can do and get away w/whatever they want.