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The April 2014 issue of the North Carolina Historical Reviewfeatures the following: Early Albemarle: Robert Holden's Account of 1679, by Robert J. Cain Life in a Great Dismal Swamp Community: Free People of Color in Pre-Civil War Gates County, North Carolina, by Warren E. Milteer Jr. John Lawson's Indian Town... Continue reading
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Hi Myke, Thanks for the comments. Yes, I am aware of the families that served in the USCT from Virginia. In this post, I am specifically referring to the families listed in the blog post. Nathan Bizzell, a few of the Basses, and some others from Norfolk County served in white units. These particular families were legally recognized as "Indian" by the Civil War era.
In 1833, the Virginia State Legislature passed a bill declaring that “County courts are authorized to grant a certificate to any free white person of mixed blood, not being a white person, nor a free Negro, that he or she is not a free Negro, which certificate shall be sufficient... Continue reading
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Hi Fran, Someone has given me the location of the store, so may be we'll get a chance to go by it. I was in Winton in December, but didn't have time to find the store.
Clinton Caldwell Boone, the son of Rev. Lemuel Washington Boone and Charlotte Chavis Boone, born in 1872 was one of a host of significant early twentieth-century figures with ties to the eastern region of North Carolina. Born and raised in Hertford County, Boone left home to attend Virginia Union University... Continue reading
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Hi Calvetta, Thanks for posting. I'm doing pretty well and hope you are doing the same. I strongly believe this is an important history to tell; so keep looking out for updates! Warren
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Hi Enoch! Thanks for the comments.
I have photographs of all of the stones that I found in this cemetery, but have not transcribed any of the information.
This is the grave of Nancy Manley Pugh, a nineteenth-century midwife and longtime resident of Hertford County. The grave along with several others are located on the Ahoskie-Cofield Road in Hertford County on a plot once known as the "Pugh Place." The latest gravemarker at the Pugh Place is from... Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2010 at Warren Milteer, Jr.'s blog
I'm glad some of the names were familiar. Yes, Sallie M. Lewis was married to Elvey Lewis. She also married the Edward Weaver mentioned on the list. Edward was her first husband. I didn't know about Lawrence Weaver's store. I'll have to see if I can find it the next time I'm in the area.
The Great Dismal Swamp is best known as a historical haven for runaway slaves and refuge to scores of wildlife species. Yet, behind the stories of absconding bondsmen, bobcats, bears, and bogs is the story of the Skeeter, Sawyer, Reid, Boone, and Milteer families that made their livelihood as laborers... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2010 at Warren Milteer, Jr.'s blog
Many people may be unaware that several Hertford County natives fought for the Union during the American Civil War, 1861-1865. I have complied a list of these soldiers' and sailors' names and am working diligently to uncover more about their lives. This is the list of those born free before... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2010 at Warren Milteer, Jr.'s blog
Hi Debbie, Glad to hear from you. I see this as a very long term project, so the final product will take sometime. Which branch of the Reynolds family do you descend from? Feel free to email me at Warren
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I am trying to collect and scan old pictures as part of my project on families of mixed and native ancestry in Virginia and North Carolina. My concentration is pictures taken before the 1960s...the older the better! The pictures I collect will hopefully be part of my dissertation project as... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2010 at Warren Milteer, Jr.'s blog
Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new blog dedicated to my historical research on families of multi-ethnic heritage (various mixtures of Native American, European, African, and South Asian ancestry) from the eastern border region of Virginia and North Carolina. My research focuses on families primarily from Nansemond County, VA (now Suffolk),... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2010 at Warren Milteer, Jr.'s blog
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