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Wendy Burch
Hollywood, California
Wake Up with Wendy on the KTLA Morning News
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Hello, my name is Wendy, and I am a planner. I plan parties. I plan vacations; I even have a plan to hire a financial planner. Yet, ironically, I have failed for plan for the most important event of my life: having a baby.You see, I thought it would all just fall into place. I would stumble into the right guy… we would fall in love, and then, I would find myself pregnant. (After all, I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, where it seems people ‘fell pregnant’ every day and twice on Tuesdays).But instead of falling at a young age, I chose to walk through doors that were opening. I embarked on a career path in television news that has kept me on the move. I have crisscrossed the country, working long hour and have been incredibly busy being ‘busy’.It wasn’t until recently that I took the time to ask myself how could I have such a full life… and yet still feel so empty. And, oh baby! When you realize what’s missing in your life is a family to share it with… your priorities suddenly come into sharp focus.My ‘sharpening’ came during a recent visit to my gynecologist. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sheryl Ross for years. She’s the kind of doctor every woman should have because she doesn’t just ask how you are doing today… she asks you want you want to be doing in the future. And if your answer involves having a baby, she asks you what you are doing about it.Dr. Ross believes this is the sort of dialogue every women (especially the career woman in their 30’s and 40’s) should be having with her ob/gyn because here are the facts about fertility:• Your fertility begins decreasing in your late 30’s... and drops fast after 40• At 43, a woman’s chance of getting pregnant (using her own eggs) is less than 5%• After 45, a women’s chance of conceiving is less than 1%So once I faced the fertility facts and saw how they coincided with my own age (I will be 42 in February)… I decided I needed a “Baby Plan”… and I figured I probably wasn’t the only one. Women talk openly about a lot of things... but our fertility (or lack thereof) is seldom discussed.That’s why I decided to not just make a baby plan, but report on it as well. “The Baby Plan” reports will air every Monday on the KTLA Morning News during the month of November. (tune in around 9:30am or visit ).On the next Wendy Burch Blog I will share with you some of the reaction to the reports. There have been many kind words off support, a few cries from critics and two offers to be my “baby daddy” (thanks, but no). Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2010 at The Wendy Burch Blog
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Nov 9, 2010