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PAX and Bumbershoot in one weekend. It's time for crazy traffic!! Have fun. Bring up some warm weather with you. Have you heard of Blue Highway Games? It's up on Queen Anne Hill, about three miles from the convention center. If you have some time, it might be a store you'd like to browse if you haven't. Not certain what they have, though. I admit, I'm not a gamer (I'd get absolutely addicted and never talk to my family again. They do look fun, though. Maybe I should get my family addicted too...).
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Sounds pretty nice. We had similar summers in Upstate NY. Play in the pool all day, play with the neighborhood kids until the lights start coming on, and play a bunch of video games on NES. It's not at all a bad way to spend a childhood.
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Happy to help, Wil, small though it was. I'm so sad, in a way, when I see all of the gorgeous breeds who live around me. Everyone here has a purebred dog, while five minutes away the Seattle Animal Shelter has more unwanted animals than they can handle. Mutts are such awesome dogs, and they deserve a chance like Seamus and Ferris. I think you and Anne are awesome people for opening your home and helping. HUGS about Ferris. Losing a family member unexpectedly, and so early, is so hard. I'm remembering my cute Custard cat, stupid and fuzzy and friendly, who died suddenly seven months and 18 days ago. How wonderful that you're turning Ferris' memory into something so helpful for other animals.
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Seattle was a solid four hours of sheer awesomeness. I think I scared the people behind me by having a baby with me, but she fell asleep at 7, and stayed asleep until we were at the bus stop after autographs. Not a peep out of her, which rocked. Ok, I admit I've been to the theatre twice now, and until you posted a picture of us all with our lighter apps going (I let my daughter hold my phone. There was much confusion from her) I had no idea there was a second balcony. LOL I may have to get us seats up there for something in the future. How cool that your parents and Anne were there in Portland! That is awesome. I haven't taken the train down yet (nor up to Vancouver), but I'd like to. I just have no reason to go to Portland. Wish I did. It's a pretty city to drive through.
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I'm one of the few Linux users. I never programmed or did anything with it, but my husband worked for Red Hat so I used it (loved the stability, less so the usability, and this was in 2001), then I used rPath linux for a while, then Foresight. We're thinking of putting Ubuntu on my old linux box (Foresight is no longer supported) for my seven year old. She's using our OLD mac (November 2003). I'm on a Macbook Pro now, and I like the ease of it, without the worries of Windows. hehe
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