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Sarasota, FL USA
Happiness, horror, eccentricities, love, and all-around geekery.
Interests: anime, comic books, conventions, fantasy, life, sci-fi, video games, writing
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Well-said, and I'm happy to have now seen that image, thank you. I could scarcely find the words last night, honestly; there is a lot of pride for humanity and its scientific accomplishments.
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If it's worth anything for those wondering, Amy Berg tweeted this today: "Everyone is asking why. It's simple, really. We are the network's golden child in every way, except profit margins. Fact is, Eureka is an expensive show to make. And we could not maintain the quality of our show with the cuts it would take to make us profitable for Syfy's new parent company. Our creative execs at Syfy fought hard to keep us. Trust me, they LOVE us. We just couldn't make the numbers work." You will be missed, Eureka-- what a fantastic, unique show. ♥
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2011 on Saying goodbye to Eureka at WWdN: In Exile
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