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Some Lakers mock draft news. I wish I could post pictures. The Bleacher report says: 58. Los Angeles Lakers: Chris Wright Chris Chambers/Getty Images Strengths: One of the nation's top seniors this past season, Chris Wright of Dayton is an athletic beast. He's strong, long (6'8"), and he's got some great speed for a guy his size. Weaknesses: As athletic as Wright is, we must also keep in mind how skinny he is. If he wants to match up with the best, he has to raise his weight 20-something pounds to make it an even (and force-worthy) 240. Why He's a Good Fit: The Los Angeles Lakers have a long history of developing the young players they draft, and Chris Wright could soon join them.~ 56. Los Angeles Lakers: Jimmy Butler Chris Trotman/Getty Images Strengths: Jimmy Butler is athletic and long, and at 6'7" and 222 pounds, he should be perfectly fine meshing up against your average NBA small forward. He is a great on-ball defender and has tremendous leadership skills additionally. Weaknesses: Butler, while being known partially because of his scoring, is not the shooter he is made out to be. He is too inconsistent and sometimes struggled at the foul line, too. Why He's a Good Fit: The Marquette Golden Eagle has been so infrequently mentioned amongst NBA draft junkies that he is considerably underrated. He'll be a steal when the Lakers pick him with the 56th selection. 46. Los Angeles Lakers: Greg Smith Strengths: Greg Smith's size and power alone would snag him a selection in the middle of the second round of the draft. In addition, he is a solid rebounder and a decent athlete. Weaknesses: Despite having size as a strength, it still doesn't bode well for an NBA team to have a 6'9" center, unless your name is Ben Wallace. Alas, his name is Greg. Another focal point of improvement is at the free throw line, where he only made half his attempts last season for the Bulldogs. Why He's a Good Fit: The Lakers could use another talented big. There's no rule that says you can't! 41. Los Angeles Lakers: Cory Joseph Jamie Squire/Getty Images Strengths: Cory Joseph of Texas shot an awesome 41.3 percent from beyond the arc this past season and proved he has the utmost range. He is a versatile and quick athlete whose 6'3", 186-pound frame is pretty well represented as your typical NBA point guard's size. Weaknesses: Joseph is an okay passer, but he lets too many balls slip away from him throughout the course of a game. He needs to limit turnovers if he wants a starting gig at the professional level. His 3.0 assist clip from this season might not do him justice though, as collegiate players simply don't finish like the professionals do. Why He's a Good Fit: Could Cory Joseph be the answer the Lakers are looking for at the point guard position for the long term? The 20-year-old may turn in a nice career in the NBA, and he's already better than both the quarterbacks on the L.A. roster right now. says: #41 6-11 Jeremey Tyler #46 Jereme Richmond 6-8 SF #56 Justin Holiday SG #58 Etwaun Moore SG'Twaun-Moore Wes
Wow. The Shaq retirement message is short but pretty moving. See for yourself: Wes
Very nice story there MM. I agree with a lot of it. I liked what Andrew said, and I hope someone in the organization steps up and says Shaq's 'coming with us' into the Hall of Fame. Shaq's a bit of wanderer to me, somewhat homeless, and I just hope the Lakers ltep up et him know he has a home with this franchise. Wes
Maybe I'm easy, but I for one am 100% ready to forgive the big instigator and welcome him and his retired hall-of-fame jersey back to Staples with open arms. All grudges immediately forgotten. But he better go in the Hall as a Laker... Wes
AK & BK, First time writer, long time reader. Let me start off by thanking you guys for this forum. As a Los Angeles native stranded in South Bend IN, I look forward to reading these posts-and anything for that matter-that reminds me of L.A. Your service to your country (the country of L.A.)has not gone unnoticed. My question, and please forgive me if this has been asked numerous times before, is this: if you guys were the general manager for the Timberwolves, what players would you want from the Lakers' roster to make a trade for K.G? I feel that the greatest compition the Lakers have in a trade for K.G. is the Chicage Bulls. They have younger, more exciting pieces to put together as trade bait, but I believe the lakers have better big men to offer. However, I don't know if the saleries match. My offer would be this: Lamar, Bynam and either chris Mihm of Kwame Brown for K.G. Do you think we'd be giving up too much? Too little? We're running out of time here-Kobe's time. He probably has 4-5 more great years and 3-4 more years as a role player/assassin type in the Robert Horry/Vinny Johnson mold. What do you think? Do the numbers match? Wes Joe Nixon