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I am currently building a software company that develops desktop applications based on artificial intelligence.
Interests: Software, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing
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Mar 14, 2013
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Mar 15, 2010
"when I think of how much cultural heft a film has, I'm more interested in how many people enjoyed the communal delight of being in front of the big screen, not simply how much money they had to pay to see it" It's difficult to gauge cultural heft from the number of tickets sold.... If we think about the audience of a movie, we shouldn't really exclude nontraditional viewing channels like DVD viewings in home theaters which are cheaper but far more popular than theatrical viewings. DVD revenues were twice as much as theatrical revenues in 2004. (Piracy is another matter, but shouldn't really count.) I have a problem with the Gone with the Wind analogy, because it was initially shown on tours, and then it's been continuously showing over a four year period in theatres back when television was not available and the revenue numbers are based on repeated showings over a half century.
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