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Kees Wesselius
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Everyone that says this blog is a joke should think twice before rejecting it... The blog could be very useful for a certain type of role you're hiring for. I use almost 1:1 the same sequence in my interviews. If you're a developer for an embedded system, low level stuff, the number 32768 should ring a bell. If not, OK, next question. Knowing that a C string has trouble, a strlen in a loop might be slow, etc. Bitshifting (why?), optimizing, code reading/explaining in an interview, it all makes sense. Of course, the willingness to grow is fine, but not for 40 yo programmers. Come on, don't tell me you forgot how to to resolve a circular dependency in class definitions. Somehow developers should not me coding monkeys, they should know how to approach a problem on a per situation basis. That's why scripting, knowing bits and bytes, graph theory, it couls all come together. People have laughed me in the face: haha, a string reversion quaestion, duh. And then he f*cked up the answers, the 8 lines of code was buggy and badly explained. Yeah, I did C# recently. As if you would ever forget to code in C/++... Thanks for supporting me thinking I do great interviews :-) Kees PS the truth is always in the explanation... Why do you think this is faster? Why would you ++i instead of i++? Why is code size not important? How to maintain this code? Why...
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Mar 29, 2010