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Wes Sparks
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Thanks Wil! My wife and kids and I went and said hi, got the Fawkes comic signed (BTW, I realize now I took an illegal picture, thanks for not giving us a hard time about that, my kid would have been scarred ^more^ forever). Later on that day, my wife mentioned Tabletop, I was all like 'What's that?'.. Then I checked it out, later we played Pandemic and the BSG game fueled by Tabletop Mojo. Then I was all like 'Who is Freddie Wong?'.. Yeah, really... Then I checked THAT dudes Youtube Channel out. WHERE HAVE I BEEN THE LAST 3 YEARS?! Thanks for bringing this struggling SAP and nerd back up to nerd speed... Gotta Run, I have 3 years of FreddieW videos to watch. -Wes
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May 30, 2012