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ALLEN WEST DID NOT WRITE THIS PIECE. Israpundit mistakenly attributed it to West because it appeared on the "West for the West" blog. I am the author of that blog; I am merely a SUPPORTER of Allen West, not Allen West himself! Please correct this! I do not want to make headaches for Allen West! Thank you.
The number one correlation for incarceration is FATHERLESSNESS. Children born out of wedlock and without their father around as they're growing up are at dramatically higher risk for drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of high school, and crime. This holds true across all races and all income brackets. It just happens that unwed motherhood is higher in the black community, therefore the problems associated with fatherlessness are higher as well. If you're looking for a villain behind there being so many young black men in prison, blame the welfare policies enacted by DEMOCRATS that have incentivized single motherhood and destroyed black families!
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Jan 6, 2011