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Wes Thorp
Lansing, MI
I'm a "kid under construction.
Interests: My number one interest is my relationship to my God and how I reflect his love to others, especially my family--my wife, my kids, their spouses, my grandchildren-both born and unborn, my friends and others I come into contact with. I am also interested in effective personal and organizational communication. A third area of interest is narrowing down my to-do list with the rest of my life to the things that are truly important. I want to make the most of the time God will give me.
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I was, indeed, born at Mercy Hospital. Wes
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Thank-you Morgan. I'm at the age where I need to tie-up loose ends. I praise God for my kids and for Gladys. You and your family have been a beacon for Krista and for our family. My best--Wes
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Shirley-- Thanks for sharing your status with your vision and with the cataracts. When my cataracts were removed more than 10 years ago, my vision improved to the point where I almost didn't need glasses. That was a dramatic change for me. Then several years ago, my eye pressure started the big increase and then the lens in my right eye slipped off its perch. It was repositioned which lasted for several years which brings me to the past year. I am really sorry to hear about how it has affected your daily life. I found the cataract surgery to be pretty easy. The process to remove them has become more and more refined. I pray that your cataract surgery was as successful as mine. Wes
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