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The whole evening was magical. I'm certain everyone around me had snuck in onions to chop, blast them! I felt so honored to witness such heartfelt moments. Thanks so much for coming to Calgary to share it all with us!
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Delicious! I rarely (read that 'never') follow recipes as I too like to 'wung it' myself. However, out of my respect for you, I decided to give it a go for dinner. Of course, I tweaked it a bit to my personal taste, but in general, I stayed true. It was fantastic! The fresh lime strikes just the right chord with the spicy sweetness. I added a bit of sour cream as you suggested which added another level of yummy and a little sprinkling of fresh cilantro and dairy-free cheese on top were just lovely. I will definitely make this again and be sure to credit you as the originator to anyone who I make it for. Thanks for sharing your kitchen genius!
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Hi Wil, I just have to say that I take exception to you calling the Oilers the worst team in the NFL this year (even though it's true). As someone who lives close to Edmonton, I feel it my duty to make some feeble attempt at defending them, so... your face is! That's the best I've got. Frankly the way they've been playing doesn't even deserve that, but loyalty is loyalty. It was very kind of your Kings to give us a chance to break our losing streak. This polite Canadian would like to thank them. I know, I know, you wrote this whole long entry and I just zeroed in on one tiny, off-hand remark you made, and skipped the main point. Sorry. I did enjoy the post in its entirety as I enjoy all of your writing/podcasts. I love RFB, can't wait for more MotFC and your blog fills my otherwise boring lunch break with a good laugh or two. So, thanks for all the enjoyment! Oh, and I totally get the "Dad voice". It's the voice in my head right now that's telling me I should be in bed rather than laughing my head off at, especially since I have to be at work by 6:00 tomorrow morning. I better listen to it. G'night. ~Jenn
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Feb 15, 2010