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Kevin White
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Sandra, it was great to meet you. From my side, I did keep my distance somewhat from you as I knew how nervous you were about the cross contamination and that I was on IV's at the time. It was still great to see you in person rather than just talking on line. At my old hospital we used to have a picture gallery on the wall and everytime I was in we would look at it say so and so in the picture is gone now and this person is not doing well etc.... I think it is only natural to think this way when you are so used to seeing people die from the disease which you share. I know for me, I am the last one alive from that group of people I knew back in the hospital. The last one died about 10yrs ago. Ironically, I had been admitted the day before through the ER and hadn't made it to the regular floor at that point so I never got to talk to him. I did go to his wake, which was sad but I felt I needed to as we had seen each other so often in the hospital. OK, so enough of the old stories. Just wanted to say it was great to meet you and I am glad you could make it. Hopefully we can all get together another time for a more joyous event.
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Sandy, I told you I would read your blog and now that I am out of the klink here you go. I look forward to meeting you this weekend(along with so many others). I hope the trip up does not wear you down too much.
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Apr 28, 2010