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Whozapuppehwhozapuppeh? That's something of an approximation of what came out of my mouth when I saw her. What a beauty! You guys just get cooler and cooler. I wish I could come play with your critters!
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I don't see this as a free speech issue, except that of course Mr. Cathy has the right to his (vile) views on GBLT people. And he has the right to donate his money as he sees fit. But as he will donate that money to hate groups, I will not give him a penny of mine to pass along. Simple.
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Hmm. Four years to go. I'll see ya then. Do you sing, by any chance? :) I don't think you need to be wished a happy birthday, as it obviously was a spectacular birthday, but happy slightly belated birthday anyway!
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I have an aunt locally who has chickens who should start laying in the next month or so, something tells me I'll have all the eggs I want soon if they act anything like your brother's chickens! *waves at Wil's brother from next door in Idaho* UPS where I am seems to be very reliable. They will even drop packages addressed to my PO box to the post office for me -- we don't get mail delivery up here, everybody has a box, and if I choose the wrong address for shipping, well...helpful when I don't know how something's going to be shipped. I'm glad you got everything worked out with them.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2011 on all dressed up with nowhere to go at WWdN: In Exile
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Hmm...I can't put up the sign in my office (dratted walk-in guests) but I now have a mental image of velociraptors on skis chasing guests down the mountain. Beautiful.
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Given his age, I am more than willing to forgive any hesitation -- the fact that he's actually said it is probably a lot braver than somebody like me coming out at 34 (were I to, though I'm not gay) in this day and age. When he was my age, it was an entirely different world. It's hard to shake everything you grew up with and experienced for most of your life, isn't it? I'm very happy for him. No more lies or hiding what shouldn't need to be hidden in the first place.
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Ah, yes, I wasn't an arcade gamer but we did get an Atari 2600 when I was six. It annoys my mother to this day that I can still jump on the crocodile heads in Pitfall and she never, ever could. But as for specific memories, the first time I beat Super Mario Bros is the most vivid. We were living in what was in retrospect a fairly awful rental house with truly horrid orange carpet, and I was in the living room when I. Did. It. I was so worked up I screamed. My poor mom came running into the room thinking something bad had happened and was not impressed at, "I WON! I WON!" as I had woken her up. Oops. But it was the first game I actually BEAT and it was cool. I got so good at it I could run through the game over and over and over again. I haven't played it for years but I bet I still could, I played it so much.
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Mar 7, 2010