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Darryl Whitmore
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All this debate is moot, it seems to me. I have always regarded the ability to program to be an innate skill, not something that one without the gift can really learn. Oh, I can learn the game of basketball, the rules and how I'm supposed to make my body work in order to perform the maneuvers needed to make a basket. But learning those things and putting them all together at game speed is another matter. Not to mention that I am vertically challenged. I can also learn to draw and paint and sculpt, with similar results. When I discovered programming in college it was a revelation for me; it was such a natural fit for the way my brain was wired. When I tried to help others in the class who were having trouble, I was mystified that they just didn't get it; it was so clear to me. I tried and tried and came to be able to size up very quickly who had the gift and who didn't. Since then I've believed that programmers are born, not made. I think that most who can program already know it and already are. But sure, it may be repressed in some I suppose. So let people hop on this bandwagon and give it a try. Those that don't get it will drop it very quickly, but those that do will have their own revelation, and it'll be great!
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2012 on So You Want to be a Programmer at Coding Horror
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Jun 5, 2012