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I still want to see what the new TL-X will be as; reportedly a 4 WD version with 4WS and will have electric motors that supposedly will generate its own power with one of the drives; this I've got to see; no thanks for the prius-like propulsion in this article. Zoom Zoom...
This isn't worth it; thoug my Acura TL V-6 takes premium fuel; it's just a few thousand more than the Accord above and its de-fanged V-6 if they use the Accord gizmo in the article, above; you buy it not this one.
Again, their V-6 engine for the coupe is the regular gasooline version; compression ratio is lower 10.5: 1 v. 11.2:1. avoids premium fuel and lesser power, too. Get the prius. for you eco-types.
Drudge is an intelligent Man; it's no wonder or doesn't surprise me IF he's backing Romney. Santorum's polemics is that of a frustrated priest. Shut up Santorum and face it that you're not wanted as a the (R) candidate.
Aha... This your sibling, and I see on one of the choices is the thing you can purchase...very good...that gets my vibration going ;) I'll be back... aka Whitneymuse... BTW, very nice web design. :)
Not good with reading it all, but I love the pictures you choose.
probably would not have watched it; however, would have read accounts of it afterward. Loved his music and thank goodness for CDs and digitizing of his music for posterity.
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This is so sad; he was my favorite player in a cast of no names. he's fast , and can throw, but he must be very suspect for the Dodgers to dump him.
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I'd vote for anyone who could get the next Koufax/Drysdale boys or teach that big reliever a new pitch and combination to end games.
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I always thought Dick Cheney was/is a good leader. This administration is of real concern. What tare they doing?
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Saw this blurb go whizzing by yesterday while watching the Yankees and Dodgers; hope she has a recovery in all ways.
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If McCain had just bowed out before all this the general public would not have seen his humiliation in his last few years of political life; there's a reason that Limbaugh nick named him "Yosemite Sam".
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