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RoyRapoport - 223 days? Aw, you're still new. The hubs, and local operations were treated pretty second class too, as I recall from my time there. And CS was *always* treated just as badly as the hourly folks on the operations floor - both groups always were judged on their numbers and how much higher/faster/better they could be. Granted, for a fast growing production/service organization that's expected, but it was almost inhuman. As for turnover: Bring in new management regime or promote someone who has been there less than a year who kissed 4$$ as compared to someone who had been there longer who got the job done but didn't kiss 4$$ and you're going to have unhappy people and turnover because those formerly producing employees aren't happy any longer. *poof* There goes the employees who know the history of the company and know what's been tried before. Or has significant insight into the business because they helped innovate it to the next level. Second string leaders, indeed - and these are the people who are supposed to not only lead the way out of a paper bag, but also innovate the NEW paper bag. I spoke to someone recently who let me know NFLX tried to recruit him. You couldn't pay him enough to go there because the company's rep in the valley is crap. They work you to death, and then let you go after ~two years because you're not producing enough. Or people are dying to get out (as in the case of another friend, who isn't leaving because employment is still tough). I still love the product. I'm not bitter about the company, despite what it sounds like above. I just wish they'd taken more care of the employees who had taken such good care of the company.