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Well, as a Galaxy fan, I didn't want us to take a chance on him, for DP money anyway.Id rather we find someone young, or had paid Buddle more to keep him. The gamble didn't work, so it was the right thing to gete rid of him, should have happened sooner. I'm wait-and-see on Keane, again I would have preferred us to have gone out and found a young DP, like Seattle. Not to mention we had to pay a transfer fee for someone has been trying to get rid of for the last 2 years. If he scores goals, then its all good. I expect nothing less than at least 6 goals, in all comps, from him, for the rest of the year. I strike force is very weak with Barret & Christman, hahaha. I expect Landon to play as 2nd striker for the rest of the year, mostly. We have enough midfielders to go around, haha. I'm neither upset or delighted by this acquisition. As usual, the LA Galaxy are nice and try not to uproot their outcasts and trade him in-state, and as usual I expect Juan Pablo to score a hat-trick against us the next time we play Chivas, like most ex-Galaxy players, haha.
Most of the midfield will be there: Lando, Dempssey, Bradley, Jones, Edu, Bedoya. But some other selections were suspect. Bedoya should have been in the initial squad, I like Diskeruud too. The Defense is what needs a revamp, Boca & Cherundolo are old, and the other positions are up for grabs, with it looking like Onyewu is on a downward spiral,hahaha. Omar Gonzalez should have been called in instead of Ream, Sean Franklin needs to get a look at RB and we NEED a LB, Boca isn't a LB and Bornstein is trash.
He's done ok, but their has been no progress under him. He doesn't pick players he should be picking. He always calls in the same players, even when he shouldn't . I felt he shouldn't have been rehired after the World Cup. Losing 2-0 leads, in Finals, has to say & show something. I also think we need a foreigner, someone with a different football mentality
I remember when I heard he signed for Milan, I was so excited for him. But its been a no-go since he has been there, the knee injury didn't help either. He may have went on loan at the wrong time, considering how the defensive injuries for Milan piled up after January. You would think Milan would have played him over Yepes, but you never know, we know how most Americans are treated in certain leagues. In order for him to stay in the USMNT pic, you would think he has to be playing. And if Nesta is staying in Milan, as well as Silva, I don't see him putting either of them out of the starting 11. So, he probably needs to look for a move, and no way should he play/not play his last year under contract with Milan, with no salary. Man, remember when he, Beasley & I think Bocanegra were with Man City, haha? If I'm not mistaken? Before the arab money
And Clarke didn't even kick The Fish in the face, like Ruiz made it seem. Ricardo got a 10 game suspension for that incident. Mullan is a vet, he knew what he was doing. Some SEA players should jump him after the game, hahaha
That tackle was horrific and ridiculous. Mullen must be suspended at LEAST 5 games. That was a retaliatory tackle. DIRTY. *shakes head*
Out of the choices he has been rumored to have, I would prefer him in Italy, but when it comes down to it, he needs to go where he is going to be playing the most. I still don't understand why he left Hereveen, hahaha
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2011 on Bradley on the verge of a move at Soccer By Ives
Oh, yeah, I forgot about the work permit issue in England. Damn you, Bob Bradley for paying Findley so much! He sure got his England move. Yeah, that probably is the reason Buddle will not be in England, couldn't get a work permit.
The Galaxy did want to keep Buddle, but he was out of contract and wants to take his last chance in Europe, can't blame him. He was the highest paid player, behind Becks and Lando. But I agree, we need to get some young players, too many old bones.
You have to remember Buddle is 30, he's no spring chicken, he's payed his dues to MLS. If he can get more money, and the possibility of getting picked up by a better team, then more power to him. The low Salary cap is what is holding MLS back. We don't need to do away with it, but it needs to be raised, to like 5 million, for right now.
This is good for Buddle, but bad for my LA Galaxy. I wish Buddle would have landed in England, Championship or something, if not the EPL. I hope he will play regularly. The bonehead move the Galaxy made, in trading Tristan to Chivas, for money we don't need, looks even worse now. This leaves our forward pickings to Magee, Kirovski, and Jordan,if we don't sign JPA. Only good news is we have plenty of money and salary space to use. We need to find a young, good striker, like Freddy Montero. I don't know how good our scouting is, though.
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Jan 9, 2011