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My family and I were always board gamers, with a lot of party games, but as an adult, I'm pretty much the only one who wants to play. I happened to wander into our game shop about a year ago (they were gaming 24 hours for charity and were recruiting everywhere) and discovered I love strategy gaming. We did Battlestar Galatica, Pandemic, and Last Night on Earth, and I was hooked. I love Settlers, natch, Small World, Ticket to Ride, Fluxx (so cool!), and the Revolution- have you tried that? So fun! and Union Pacific and so many more I'm forgetting to mention. I don't get to as much nowadays, but when I do, it's totally awesome. (Long time listener, first time caller!)
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I just started strategy gaming, but I like a couple quickies- Kingsburg is fun, not a big learning curve. Ticket to Ride moves fast, and Small World, which I really like.
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I recently joined a gaming group (after having only played party games) and I'm quickly finding out that I love it. Pandemic was one of the first ones I played and it rocks my socks. Also, Power Grid! Battlestar Galactica is another one of my faves, although I've never seen it won.
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Feb 28, 2011