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Interests: Theatre, Film, Buddhism, Music, Books, Spaced, Star Trek, BSG, any other kind of geek show you can think of.
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As someone who has a gluten intolerance and a small apartment in Manhattan, I am following your brewing exploits with a little envy! However, for the Celiacs among us, there ARE some GF brewing kits out there (thanks Google!) and even one from my favourite GF beer, Bard's! Wil - you should rustle some up for your GF family members. :)
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Go Wil! I watched it last night and really enjoyed the episode - and you really stole it as Parrish. I look forward to seeing more of him in upcoming episodes - the DVR is now set for the series as a whole, you totally convinced me to get into the show. Seeing you and Felicia butt heads in character again is also really fun to see - you have great chemistry on screen and bounce off each other so well. Love all the relationships being set up! Enjoy the praise, it's richly deserved. Rachel :)
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Super awesome. I had to stop myself, as I was getting both hungry and uber-geeked out.
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As I was typing the words 'where can I get this to put on my iPod?!', Wil read my brainthoughts and posted the mp3 download. This is a work of genius. Molly Lewis is my new hero.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on Molly Lewis is a national treasure at WWdN: In Exile
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Congratulations! I echo the sentiments of others on here - it's wonderful to see an inspiring example of love that endures and grows. I wish you both many more years of happiness together. - Rachel (halfway to 10 years of marriage!)
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Over the years, my family has had at least four rescue/shelter pets - two dogs and two cats, who my mum rescued from a horrible looking market. I also looked after a rescue horse for three years, who was terribly abused by her previous owner. It is a very special bond to care for an animal that was not treated well by other humans, and it is hard to say goodbye to them when they are ill or old. However, you have done something very special to honour Ferris' memory and you should smile in remembering her fabulous personality. :) I gave a little to help - good luck with the rest and good luck on the walk! Rachel
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