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Alice and Joseph : totally agree! ans let's be positive and talk about the good one's ;-) and indeed we should drink another glass together some day soon!
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May 20, 2011
hmm, I like the question about the so called 'high authority of natural wine' and the answer, explaining exactly why there is some high jealousy in 'conventional market' but I did not think every wine on the natural wine fair was natural (not to my definition), but I did not care. I did not think every wine was good, but 'Why should every natural wine be perfect?' as if all conventionals are ;-))) I see the natural wine movement more as: - back to the roots, to terroir - back to more different tastes - back to letting nature decide more, human helping nature in stead of forcing it into a direction. in fact: 'les vins naturels, faut y boire pour y croire' and: maybe the 'high authority' can be explained by the high enthusiasm of the winemakers, the winesellers (importers, cavists, ...), the sommeliers of very good restaurants AND the 'addicted' consumers...
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May 20, 2011