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I watched CNN which was the only station I saw there but all they were showing were the supporters of the project saying something to the effect of dueling rallies but that no one had shown up yet. Nothing else... How can we effectively deal with media blackouts? Any ideas?
forgot to link you to the video.. I think this is an important video everyone should see, especially in light of yesterday's events on CNN with the Qur'an burning pastor and Imam Musri. Musri, who claimed to be good friends with Imam Feisal, is the President of the Islamic Society of Florida (ISNA) and (a Brotherhood member, according to Gaubatz) This video was taken in his mosque. Also of interest is the following article from Aug 30 2010 The Florida governor and candidate for Senator may be linked up with them, as well.
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WATCH THIS VIDEO!! and pass it along... pay attention to @1:48... I THOUGHT Imam Musri sounded familiar... He's the same one on CNN yesterday from al-Rahman in Orlando, Florida...the one who told the pastor he would arrange a meeting because the mosque could be moved. He later said that he didn't actually speak with Imam Feisal, but spoke with Daisy Khan. I thought I remembered him from somewhere. Turns out he's the one whose mosque was caught on video fundraising for Hamas. George Galloway, etc.. Watch the video and check out this Aug 30 article while you are at it. He's part of the Brotherhood too.. Florida Governor and candidate for the U.S. Senate Charlie Crist is directly linked to Imam Muhammad Musri. Imam Musri is President of the Orlando, FL based Islamic Society of Central Florida. The Islamic Society of Central Florida has been linked to Charles Galloway's Viva Palistina organization. Viva Palistina and George Galloway raised money in 2009 at the Islamic Society of Central Florida, which eventually made its way to Palestine and the terrorist organization Hamas.
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They are upset by the burning of the Qur'an but not upset by the stoning of the innocent woman in Iran. CAIR, as the "civil rights organization" it claims to be is too busy talking about mostly imagined "hate crimes" and condemning people like yourself and Spencer who have a proven track record of speaking out against honor killings, to address this injustice against this woman in Iran. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES people. And the "progressive, modern, intellectuals" that support this act in silence... well that speaks volumes too. They are monsters.
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Sep 6, 2010
Hang on.. this group Revolution Muslim can go and say all of this and they are protected by the 1st amendment, then they can go an make death threats on Facebook against people like Jarrad Winter, but CAIR wants to stifle truth and call it a hate crime? Where is the logic in that?
sorry... my mistake, the BIG one is the one in Albuquerque
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slightly off-subject but still pertinent: They all called it a "Mosque" to begin with until people like us started posting on their Facebook page, asking "Why not build a true interfaith center?" Then they started calling it an Islamic Community Center. I'm concerned about this because of what I read of the Muslim Brotherhood's "Battalions" and "Islamic Community Centers" in their long term-strategic document that was confiscated during the Holy Land trials. I'm also concerned about the wording in this particular document in which the MB refers to Dar al-Aqram. I used to live in Thailand and traveled throughout SEAsia in what was once peaceful territory. Over the years, since the Thai Jihad began 4000 people have died due to the Islamic Insurgency. More died just last week, in fact. There is little news about this, just as there is little news about the indigenous people of Malaysia being forced into conversion and corporations having to pay a 30% tax that is SUPPOSED to go the Orang Asli but instead funds the Islamic State and in doing so is training these insurgents in Pakistan coming over the border and creating violence in Thailand. Dar al-Aqram is Malaysian in origin, from what I understand. It also uses the Sufi method of teaching to bring its adherents under leadership. Knowing that this Imam networks in Malaysia and claims to be Sufi (and yet, seems to promote Wahabi/Salafi doctrines in at least one of his books) I would think this would be more of a concern to people. Wahabi, from what I understand has both a hidden agenda and a declared one. It seems Sufism is the method by which silent Jihad is being waged. Sneaky, because Wahabis used to persecute the Sufis. What is also alarming about this MB strategy document is how in Article 17 (page 10) it articulates precisely how these Islamic Centers should be set up. It talks about settlement (colonization?) and outlines its methods and purpose, including setting up "battalions". Take a look at the document and then read a bit about the Malaysian Imam who used Sufism to forward the movement Another thing that concerns me as a native American is the huge mosque in Gallup, New Mexico and the "Islamic Community Center" in Albuquerque. Gallup is Indian Country... the "Native American capital" so a huge mosque, when there is such a small community of Muslims in the area seems to me, its purpose is like the colonists that came before it... conversion.
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@ Hanz: Red Herring. Criticism or notice of an Islamic tenet such as jihad is neither fearful nor is it tantamount to the demonization of all Muslims or Islam. That you think it to be so is, in fact, bigotry. We're only doing ourselves a disservice when we ignore the theological foundations of many violent concepts including jihad.
You might like to check out a book called the Politics of Hallowed Ground (regarding Wounded Knee) there are a lot of parallels here . . .
Good question . . . Why ? They may have removed the "New York is the capital of the world, and this location close to 9/11 is iconic," quote by Imam Feisal, but they can't exactly change the title of his book in Arabic, nor change the "funded by" on the inside cover, can they?
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Aug 18, 2010