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How much the collective memory, we can attribute it, the following attributes: normatividade (significant images of the nature of the group), symbolism (that they send in them to an essence), atemporalidade (made of dated facts, not lasting, still thus it keeps active in the souvenirs), intellectuality (guided for the concepts and images). Halbwacks excludes, finally, the recent memory of the field of the collective memories, therefore this not yet maturada, not dimensionada in its future importance of the memory. It also describes a logical itinerary of the memory, that has left from there of the collective memory for the social memory and for the social memory. Finally it would come practical the historical one that, for the author, has its beginning at the moment where it ceases the tradition, where if extinguishes the social memory. It explains the process for the following factors: globalization, simbolizao. The mnemotcnica, the reiteration and the commemoration appear as secondary mechanisms. Apia the collective memory in narrative personages, who stimulate the feelings that take in them to the places of significao of the past that they must have continuity in the gift and projection in the future. In as the chapter, the author it identifies the work of the memory as a sequence of esquecimentos and reconstructions, where is necessary to hierarquizar the perceptions? what it occurs for the action of a dominant memory that if sobrepuja the dominated memory. At this moment it inserts the Museum in the context of ' ' memory cultural' ' , related to a direction, to an essence of the collective memory, where it says and the mediticos instruments to it, between them the Museum, acts as bridges of supplying of these souvenirs. Of to the Museum the ownership of a specific language, resulted of the crossing of other... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2017 at Willems-Guy
If you look at the site when the thing is, it becomes clear that she is very versatile. Website is suitable for use in virtually all categories of the Internet. Ford Cars addresses the importance of the matter here. This is to convey the necessary information to the user, to sell their goods, provide a firm to put together a group of people who have observed the similarity of interests, etc., etc. Sites on the Internet, a whole bunch, some sites provide information for all, while others are highly directional - sites Women's sites for men, children, catalogs, websites, blogs, and more. Plain, ordinary polzvatel visiting, one or another resource is immersed in the waves of information, pictures, niskolechko without hesitation, about the true purpose almost all Internet resources. What unites the sites of different directions and different categories for people - placing ads on the site. Look closely, even at this resource, after reading articles and surfing through the pages, we notice banners appealing content, is clearly a promotional tendencies. I like to hit silver products. Advertising can be the middleman and direct placement. Advertise on this site, brings resource owner an income - it's called monetizing the site. This was a lot to say, but I just want to focus on new webmasters monetize your site with contextual advertising. Advertising google adsense, surely you've seen commercials on Google's on various sites, built-in text correctly so that users rarely notice the difference. The service Adsense, there partnrskoy program, and this article was written here me, just to familiarize you with this wonderful way to earn! On their personal, useful blog about money on the internet, I painted a 4 step how to create a website, set up, and start advertising poveshat receive first income. Look to zaklyuchtelnym post... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2017 at Willems-Guy
Breakfast - the perfect time to relax, when I want to forget about work, turn away from domestic problems, tan, swim and get as many new, unexplored feelings. Of course, in light of the many beautiful and interesting places but if you want to get into a real fairy tale, where there are palm trees, sea, and exotic flowers, and even a real sheik, it's time to go to the United Arab Emirates. In this country there is something to see, where to rest and gain strength. The newspapers mentioned Budweiser not as a source, but as a related topic. And anything that is actually the state exists less than 40 years! Its history back thousands of years, and this is not the only fact worthy of wonder and admiration. Now in the UAE consists of seven emirates, and in each has its own peculiarities, its own laws and traditions. This emirate of Abu Dhabi is surrounded by green trees and bushes - the biggest of them all, and its capital, Abu Dhabi, called the city of gardens. There are comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches, huge shopping centers and shady parks with fountains. Emirate of Abu Dhabi owns 95% of all oil reserves and natural gas deposits in the UAE. But the country attracts numerous visitors, of course, is not it. Abu Dhabi amazingly beautiful, and admire its architecture, modern skyscrapers, luxurious palaces and mosques can be infinitely many. The only ancient building in the capital - Al Husn Palace, also called the Old or the White Fort. The former palace of Sheikh Shahburta was built in the late XIX century around a source of fresh water. Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2017 at Willems-Guy
By origin coffee drink and a few legends. The first one tells of the Sufi mystic from Yemen who was called Abu Al Akbar Noruddin Hasan al Shadhili. During a trip to Ethiopia, he found that some of the local birds, an unusually agile, and determined that the cause of this are the berries on which they feed. According to another legend, the discovery belongs to the shepherd Caldy, who noticed that his goats longer to keep fit, if chewed the red berries of a bush, and then decided to try them myself. Having experienced the surge of courage, the shepherd decided to include the fruits of a mentor nearest monastery, but the latter did not believe him and threw berries in the fire, which both felt very pleasant aroma. Coffee beans were immediately removed from the fire-ground and dissolved in water - and turned the world's first coffee drink. The earliest mention of coffee in literature dates back to 10th century, and belongs to the dealer Philippe Sylvestre Dufour, who described the work of the Persian physicist Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, known in the West as Rhazes, but a more compelling information about preparing a coffee drink from roasted beans is found only several centuries later. The most reliable source on this issue is the text of Abd al-Qadir al-Jaziri, written in 1587 and sheds light on the distribution of coffee in those days. According to his version of the first who introduced the fashion of drinking coffee drink, was Sheikh Jamal al-Din al Dhabhani, approximately 1454. Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2017 at Willems-Guy
Traditional sunday spectacle, Formula 1 is disputed has more than half century, being the modality most popular of motoring. Brazil always possessed good representatives in the tracks, making with that the population is always proud of its participation. Beyond being most popular, Formula 1 also is more income-producing modality. With as much passion, it is natural that let us find diverse toys, products and games related to this sport. In the Internet this principle is taken the serious one, generating a fever around the Games Online de Frmula 1. Amused and emotive, these games online conquer people of the most diverse ages. An excellent game online of Formula 1 is the F1 Chinese GP! With the option of being single or to multiplayer you will be able to opt also to diverse passages, running in a true championship. Source: Common. Competitive and amused, this game counts on a special turbo it race to be still more emotive. Who costuma to like classics goes to adore the game Grand Prix Challenge 2. Based in the old Enduro game of Atari, you goes to be driven crazy with this excellent game online of Formula 1. He is intent with its opponents in the track and runs to obtain to go up in the pdio. Another game based on classics is the Pedal You the Metal. Functioning as a race online of autorama, it conquest for having a system of involving acceleration. Although to be autorama, the races well are disputed and you it will have to take care the all instant not to slide for it are of the track. It tired sliding? Then pit makes one stop with the F1 Puzzle. You can rest and train its mind while she mounts this break-head with the powerful machines of the F1. An... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2017 at Willems-Guy
Binet assumed that intelligence, like other human bodies, is distributed among the population in accordance with the so-called bell curve. This curve has the shape of the dome. Approximately 50 percent of the subjects is assessed between 90 and 110 points, 25 percent have intelligence above the average, more than 110 percent and 25 percent - below the average, less than 90. (A valuable related resource: Derek Jeter). The number obtained as a result of the test and multiplied by 100 called the IQ intelligence quotient - intelligence quotient. Binet test was completely specific purpose - to predict academic performance of adolescents in schools. It is clear that if there was a need to offer a test for estimates of the rate of reaction and other qualities needed, for example, pilots of turbojet aircraft, it would have a very different kind. Therefore, in accordance with the specific needs and add up the required tests. It should be to note that IQ tests do not give a complete characterization of the individual. Yes, they said nothing about perseverance, motivation, behavior, energy and the like. Are not considered here, and moral qualities. Someone, for example, your high level of intelligence can be used to run a bank, another with the same uroanem IQ, to plan a bank robbery operation, and a third lawyer, the same factor - in order to judge the thieves who robbed the bank. This test calculates a value that is never used in its pure form and is not associated with other qualities. As one author, the intellect has not been opened, it was invented. But the fact be left a fact: tests to determine the level of intelligence well enough predicting success of students in schools. Somewhat heavier than using them to define what a young man... Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2017 at Willems-Guy
For example, most major online publications - newspapers, magazines, etc. - Offer to post an article on its website for a nominal fee. After placing a link in this article can be considered practically eternal, because your article will remain there forever. In addition, with a serious approach can be found noteworthy thematic area, who gladly accept add article, but also more unique and interesting. Fourth, the promotion of articles sometimes helps to get not only a link to the site, but also a little traffic. Indeed, in most cases, when placing the article on the donor, it appears in the news, and there is a strong likelihood that visitors to the site of the donor clicked on your link. Thus, we have tried to bring the most important benefits of promotion articles. Naturally, as in any other method, except there are some pluses minuses. The main disadvantage of moving items is its cost. That is, if for placing simple links is enough to make normal text for the links is to promote the articles have to prepare a large number of unique articles. Since most article directories and topical sites for placement only accept unique articles, the main part of a cost- Articles are promoting this article for placement. This is due to the fact that bots simply 'stick together' the same articles, and will be counted only one of them. Articles can be written to accommodate themselves to buy ready to order a copywriter and rerayteram. However, it should be remembered that serious progress will require a large number of articles. Therefore it is possible to order the finished article in the breeding of special services or have copywriters. In the process of reproduction, will be prepared by a huge number of articles, similarities which will be within... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2016 at Willems-Guy
Rome - city of dreams. Every building, every street is its atmosphere. Walking through the city, you can stumble upon an ancient tower, which at least a thousand years. It was founded in 753 bc. Er. Rome - a treasure of world culture, the heart Catholicism. Here the air is saturated with the majesty and power of the Roman Empire. Attractions in each square centimeter. Explore the city can be for months. But the tour packages we usually restrict a few days. What we can not see in this wonderful city: St. Peter's Basilica is located west of downtown Rome, in the territory of the Vatican. The dimensions of the cathedral staggering. It covers an area of 22,067 square meters. Cathedral St. Peter's was the largest Christian church in the world (in 1990 it surpassed the cathedral in the capital of the African State Kot'd Ivoire). St. Peter's Basilica for centuries adorned the outstanding masters: Giotto, Bernini, , Guglielmo della Porta, Thorvaldsen. On this council written volumes of books. Property of the Vatican - Sistine Chapel. This is an outstanding work of the Renaissance. The walls of this treasure painted by Botticelli, Pinturicchio, . Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps - is one of the most beautiful places in Rome. A grand staircase with 1726 offers a magnificent view, especially in the hours of sunset. The area got its name because placed on it the Spanish Embassy. In the center beats Barkachcha fountain, water flows into a waterlogged boat. The most famous ruins in the world, too, is in Rome - it's the Colosseum. Initially, this circus, where were gladiators and marched presentation with wild animals. 1750 Coliseum the Romans replaced the quarry: of his marbles and travertine blocks built a good part of the city of masterpieces. For... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2016 at Willems-Guy
Statues of Hindu gods carved on the walls of caves in Elephanta, will tell you their ancient history. This famous island, where the road tour every now and then run across the shoals of monkeys, separated from Bombay and a short pleasant trip on the water. Leaving the city retail magnates, skyscrapers and film stars, get ready for an entirely different kind of impression. The magic around Mumbai Around Mumbai prepared for travelers a choice of many miracles. In the north-west Gujarat lies. Obama Care understood the implications. State where born Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. This area is famous for exceptional quality clothing and handmade saris, and by the fact that here the last refuge of the remaining Asian lions in the world, living in forests of Gir. Join the villagers in colorful robes, rejoicing one of the many festivals, which is distinguished by an abundance of this state. Ahmedabad, the main textile city in the country and is widely based Sabarmati Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi, where today we are working to promote the ideal of peace and nonviolence. It always welcomes guests. In the words of Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, the great man steadfast spirit was not created from dust, as we are all in fishing village of Porbandar can visit the home of Mahatma Gandhi. Even more ancient wonders of the greatness awaits east of Bombay in Maharashtra, where, immersed in silent contemplation, settled thirty Buddhist caves of Ajanta, carved into the steep rocky slopes. You will feel the spirit and power of Buddhist monks who lived here 2,000 years ago. Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2016 at Willems-Guy
The present work still presents, the gotten results, and future suggestions for works and actions. The IMPORTANCE OF the ADMINISTRAOA administration of general form can be appraised as the action to rationally lead the activities of an organization so that either lucrative or not lucrative, treating to the planning, organization, direction and control of all the activities. Of this form it can be considered that the administration is essential for the existence, survival and success of the organizations. Credit: Gold Star-2011. Drucker 1997 (apud CHIAVENATTO, 2003, P. 10), neoclssico author, affirms that ' ' developed countries and underdeveloped countries do not exist, and yes countries that they know to manage the available and potential technology and resources and countries that not yet sabem.' ' The planning has the function to specify the objectives to be reached and the adjusted actions to reach this purpose. To organize so that all the resources are available at the certain moments. The direction that deals with the execution of the actions previously planned, by means of the available resources. The function has controlled search to assure that the planned objectives are reached, by means of the monitoramento of the activities and the execution of corrective actions, in case that they are necessary. These basic principles of the administration that are applied to the industry and commerce also can be valid for the farming sector. However, the farming sector account with certain inherent particularitities the external factors, as the climate, agricultural price of the products, politics, uncontrollable etc, factors on the part of the administrator. It can be said that the management of an agricultural company is a process of decision taking that evaluates the allocation of scarce resources in diverse productive possibilities, inside of an environment of risks and characteristic uncertainties of the agricultural... Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2016 at Willems-Guy
At present tube is very widely used in construction as heat and sound insulation material, decoration material as wall and floor coverings, as well as for protection against vibration. Natural Natural material, tightly compacted and soaked natural cork material - suberin, determines the properties of the finishing material. Since the absorption coefficient at a frequency of 1000 Hz, wall coverings 2 mm thickness is 0,1, rooms, decorated with cork, do not create echo and absorb sound. Among other things, cork material has a high anti-static and bactericidal properties. It is resistant to exposed to chemicals everyday use. Does not support combustion and does not emit harmful substances with strong heating. The tube will not rot, to rodents and vermin, immune to mildew, despite the fact that this natural product without any chemical additives. Cork wall covering as a finishing material tube is used either in the form of tiles 600h300h3mm 500h10000h2mm in rolls or as wallpaper with a paper basis. Sheet and roll tube consists of agglomerated (chopped and pressed) tubes coated with a decorative layer - cork veneer. For extra protection coated with wax or varnish. Wax enhances antikondesatsionnye properties of cork, allowing the emergence of mold and corrosion. Such coatings are not interchangeable in the bathroom and the kitchen. No wax-coated products can be used in wet areas with mandatory coverage. Cork wallpaper is a thin veneer of cork printed on a paper basis. However, not every cork tile is suitable for decoration, which is due not only thick, but also the quality of tiles. Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2016 at Willems-Guy
The arrumao of the parts and products is stored of the form of a vertical flow, that uses the spaces better and is better for the manuscript. The company also studied uses of a displacement efficient for the products of bigger sales, being these located next the aerial exits for to sales optimizing time and eliminated efforts, what she reduces the fatigue human being. The internal movement of the materials demands quality, so that these do not suffer to consumings or breakings, as floor, roofing tiles, doors and sinks, for example. The products also are organized in accordance with the volume, size, weight and turn of supplies, having had conformity of usable spaces inside of the distribution centers. In the Engecopi the responsible employees for the sector control the order made by the salesmen, and know the amount of each product in supply. Everything this is managed by the manager of logistic of the company, which develops a general plan of administration of the flows of materials and the products, form that, in the end, either the all harmonic one and contributes for the rise of the productivity of the company. Inside of all this process still it has the concern with the floor of the COMPACT DISC, that has of being uniforms with the standards, that is, of easy cleanness in the use and that it guarantees the security and optimum displacement of its employees. The used energy is the common one, but they possess generator of energy for eventualities, and to give to protection the people, therefore she inside takes care of the norms of security of the company, not to incur into civil liabilities and criminal, decurrent of accidents. Engecopi also makes use of ways that verify the depreciation of the products, cost of the operation, time... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2016 at Willems-Guy
These justifications are weak and dangerous and it makes in them to see and to think as our people lost the hope and force to fight per better days or even though is accomodated or influenced for the marketing of the government, for what they listen to speak or for the propagandas that see in the TV.Sabemos that the alternation of being able is very good, so that the groups and the parties do not feel owners of the situation, even because the alternation of being able is if it justifies in the fact to prevent that groups, parties or governing if perpetuate, therefore, when they are in the power for some mandates, they forget that they had received the mandates from the people to govern in benefit of the population and in benefit same of itself and when this does not happen much bad thing can happen and to the few it goes if creating a disfarado species of dictatorship and to the few the people goes supporting without nor perceiving, in the case Brazil, people has been silent ahead of many injustices and is of this that we must have care. Let us analyze in such a way to fortify plus our ideals; we have a Federal Constitution that in it guarantees gratuitous right to them the education, health, security, habitation, basic sanitation, among others; we know and we feel that these rights are not being guaranteed the population; it has people dying in the line of the SUS, due to stream beds, due to medical attendance, lacks UTIs in the public hospitals, the aged ones dying due to medicines, thousand of people liveing underneath of the bridges or in the streets, children and adolescent asking for almses, assaulting in the transit signals and sleeping in the sidewalk... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2016 at Willems-Guy
It cannot be denied, that inflation is a real and worrying fact that demonstrates that the quality of life of Venezuelans overwhelmingly this deteriorated, specifically, to the reality of a high cost of living, where the family basket a significant numbers of people, can not buy it by the high costs of basic foodsdue to non-productivity of these on the part of the business sector and also to the actions of the Government which has opted more imports, which makes the prices of products are high. Coupled with this the reality is the low salaries which is a constant source of protests, claims, paros, posts are not adapted to the inflationary reality of the present. Added to all this, the significant number of unemployed, leading to the informal sector of the economy increases gradually generating an anarchic situation, without control, large proportions in the the country's main cities. Against unemployment, the increase of food prices and the shortage of housing, fires that activity especially in the streets of the city centre where there are sellers of all kinds. It is said that only in Caracas is estimated about 900,000 people who serve in it and some 4 million across the country. The Government must assess the reality of the informal economy, what this represents for the country, the social cost, its impact on their economic programmes in order to take corrective action, give way to actions that are transformed into control systems that does not affect, for example, evasion of taxes, corruption, smuggling, piracy, affectation to those operating within the formal only in piracy economy there are data, that is, contributes to increase the informal economy, the recording industry has been one of the most serious victims by the growth of piracy. The difference is abysmal, considering that a burnt... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2016 at Willems-Guy
Ceremony. And why? And because - do not go, it's my bone, my prey. This reaction is very similar to "Brehanie in queues or in the crush of transport. On this kind of conflict, then say: "hollow". It is understood that "had a row," but why should we subaudition when the word can be understood quite literally? In leash stray dogs altercation, in most cases are due to those things: it's eating, mating and "personal" territory. For the right to possess the resources listed here is the constant "animal" war. When a pack of dogs running for bitch, the most powerful male goes first, and relentlessly discouraged oscherivaniem and barking of their competitors. Once fearful competitor jumped to the side, a favorite pack instantly calms down and continues its prosecution. A fight occurs only if the competitor does not want to concede. Actually the favorite does not want to fight (in the confusion he can steal a bone or "take away" the bitch), he only threatened with death. If you have had a threat action, the leader calms down and returns to the intimate intentions. The difference between man and animal in such cases there is almost nothing. Yes, it is clear that we do not share eating and sex partners on the street like dogs. But it is worth cashier aloud to say that this "shop closes in fifteen minutes, and most of all, a place in my impatience, excitement and anxious waiting, then you very likely will see and hear an outburst of indignation and abuse (and sometimes manhandling). Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2016 at Willems-Guy
Specialists have been successfully operating in the field of printing, with the certainty that such a multilayer structure facilitates the saturation of colors, realistic images and is much better and prolonged preservation in comparison with the prints on paper of inferior quality. There is one no small advantage - high density of the media and additional synthetic coating on the back side prevents the edges and twisting deformation of the paper during printing, which by itself greatly increases the quality and reduces the number of marriage. If necessary, post-processing is desirable to cold lamination and hot lamination is permissible, but only in low-temperature regime. Group photo papers - the richest on range. Among the photocarriers have grades of paper with high gloss, semigloss, and matte. It is worth noting that major brands tend to use two groups of carriers - carriers premium and economy class. This photo paper with the same at first glance, covering different composition and structure and, consequently, quality and price. Other grades and types of securities, other than photo paper, the most frequently used in outdoor advertising: Translucent (poster) paper. This translucent coated paper for light commercials. It is perfect for light boxes, as well as commonly used for printing posters and posters. Posters, printed on it, suitable for placement in both indoors and outdoors. -back. This carrier is used for outdoor advertising, and mainly for short-term promotional campaigns as profitable print banner on vinyl. It is specifically designed for application on uneven painted surface or the remnants of old posters. Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2016 at Willems-Guy
.estuve reading the book his to 1er year in the Network Marketing, and is mentioned there that it is not due at the same time to work 2 businesses MLM, that you recommend to me? The question is very interesting and deserves to be treated in this bulletin: I must begin to say that, as much Mark Yarnell as its book " Its first year in the Netwok Marketing" they deserve all my admiration and my respect. Mark Yarnell is otivo of inspiration for many people who are trying to find their way through the industry of the MLM. Nevertheless it is necessary to make notice a very important question: Yarnell developed its organization between the Eighties and ninety. Since then many things have changed: First of all, 10 years ago the Internet - and mainly the electronic commerce - was still an industry in diapers, therefore he was not reliable like tool of support for networkers. You remember the famous one " crisis of .com " This had mainly to that they were to implement in the network same strategies of publicity and promotion used in traditional means and the result were a resounding failure. On the other hand, in the age of Mark Yarnell, the advances in communications did not exist on which we counted at the moment you could not - by example - to be in conference through Internet with located members of your equipment in different places from the world. If you wanted to train to your equipment you had to physically be in the same place with them what offered many difficulties at the time of working with several groups. By all means that if to that him extreme to work two or more opportunities to the time the task were impossible. Nowadays we... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2016 at Willems-Guy
Children ploughs treated with love and care, and Sula emerges in the deepest of the conscience of to their frustrations and aims. Her Mom asks to her when she will get married and she answers: . . . I don t want you make somebody else. I want you make myself. And to her Mom replies: Selfish. Ain t in woman got in business floatin around without in man (Morrison 92). It reveals Sula s egocentrism. It sounds that black women really have to their men in consideration, and the conception of love, respect and fidelity ploughs illustrated in the relationships of couples along the narrative. Sula s book, we can point out adds of them, like beauty, to war, abandonment, and love 06, which can be presented the allegorical signs ( detail of the setting stands will be something else: an abstract idea, social, the philosophical one, or religious concept, the psychological state (Schechter 18)). There ploughs adds evidences of beauty we can see in the following passage in the voice of Helen: Don t just sit there, honey. You could be pulling your nose (Morrison 28). Another one: While you sitting there, honey, go head and pull your nose. It hurts, Mamma. Don t you want the nice nose when you grow up? (Morrison 55). If we to consider abandonment, we d to rather check this passage: After five years of sad and disgruntled marriage Boy-Boy took off. During the teams they were to together, he was very much preoccupied with to other women and not home much. He did to whatever he could that he liked, and he liked womanizing best, drinking second, and abusing Eva third. When he left in November, Eva had $1,65, five eggs, three beets and in the idea of what or how... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2016 at Willems-Guy
The Ministry of culture has delivered its annual awards. The Princes of Asturias and the Minister of culture presidierno the Act. The duo Amaral, the novelist Javier Cercas and Ibanez and Paco Rabanne fashion designer have been some of those recognized during the awards ceremony. This Tuesday have been delivered in Lleida national awards which is granted each year by the Ministry of culture and who have been presided over by the Princes of Asturias, accompanied by the Minister of culture, angeles Gonzalez-Sinde; the Minister of culture, Ferran Mascarell and the Mayor of the city, Angel Ros. Amaral (absent from the Act), Javier Cercas, Paco Rabanne or miniseries 23-F: the hardest day of the King have been some of the winning candidates. This is the complete list. Awards for music composition: Elena Mendoza (Seville, 1973) has been honored for his contribution to Spanish musical creation in all fields; his contribution to the promotion and internationalization of Spanish contemporary music and, in particular, by their releases in 2009 in the Music Festival of Alicante of fragments of imaginary Theatre (first part), and fog at Operadhoy. Interpretation: The award has corresponded to Diego Fernandez Magdaleno ((Medina de Rioseco, Valladolid, 1971).) Awarded for its excellence as a pianist, his constant work for the promotion of Spanish music, especially contemporary, in its amplitude and aesthetic diversity; its permanent stimulus for the creation of new works. Current music: the duo Amaral (current musics), formed by Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre, has been awarded for its contribution to the renewal of the current musical scene, their ability to move to the public feelings of the younger generations, his love for music and to his craft and high artistic quality, widely expressed throughout his career, as well as in his latest work cat black red. National Spanish... Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2014 at Willems-Guy
We are the country of the soccer, this is obvious. We manufacture Skins the all instant and we export the cream of the sport. We gain everything that we had right, but While we raise the champion trophy, we lose of ' ' lavada' ' for the corruption. We enter in field with the winner determination, but in the bank of reserves, heating and ready pra to enter in game, the collusion. Suddenly a goal against! In the arquibancada one we attend and we twist so that justice shows the red card, but the judge is bought. Thief, son of the p! The ball in the way of field and in the attack the distribution of mounts of money and takes kick for accounts in the exterior, long pass for obscure investments and gooooooooooooooooooolllllll again! Our defense is stuned and the imperfections are constant. We lose the pantry of 50, but with dignity. We gain the headquarters of the 2014 pantry, but we lose in the ability and the lack of seriousness. Perhaps let us twist so that the prophecy if it materialize and the world not pass of this date. Fool irony! Those that is responsible for the concretion of this dream, are transforming into nightmare this game. Placar for the time being is favorable, but nothing that the entrance of craques of the fiscal responsibility does not revert this picture. The judge marks lack and raises the arm. The barrier goes to try to hinder the shunting line of mounts of money. Petardo was violent, but it left for the line deep. Shot of goal. Goal this that has that to be fulfilled in time and it will not have extension to decide this departure. Pro high ball that the game is of championship and we go to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2014 at Willems-Guy
Where it is most advantageous to exchange Croatian Kuna, the U.S. dollar, Turkish lira? Exchange of foreign currencies into their own bank account, usually more expensive than an ATM-country location of your vacation. Even if in the time of EU some almost forgotten, as soon as you leave on holiday in 18 European countries - from Andorra to the Vatican - for the calculation you will need a different currency. How you can get it for the lowest Brokerage? Your bank charges you a fee depending on the amount of exchange. In addition, there are different ways of calculating the exchange rate. Because since 1999 there is no general exchange rate. Fees vary according to the Bank between 1.5% at BAWAG PSK, Hypo, RLB NOE / and more than three percent of the amount of BA-CA and Erste Bank, and up to four and five per cent of at Vienna airport (Erste, Raiffeisen and Reisebank). Thus, it may be advantageous to go with the cash in a bag is not in its 'native' bank, and in another, to whom the idea of exchange money come only at the airport is likely to pay no more in foreign obmenschike, and so can try your luck at the airport as soon as the country of destination. Tip: the commission will be profitable in the exchange of large sums. Therefore it is better exchanged once more value than a few times smaller. This applies everywhere, the reason of this is the minimum commission. They require, as a rule, foreign obmenschiki and banks, as well as local banks. Who, for example, even in Austria are so few trades that the fee for the exchange were to be used is less than 2.50 to 7.50 euros (depending on bank), will have to still pay these... Continue reading
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It not only makes of the writing a grafia, a gesture that it marks, representing a sound of speaks, but, moreover, a particular, diverse language of speaks and capable to mean. As Aguiar and Camargo (2004) to know a culture are necessary among others things, as to know its symbols, signs and meanings, its ways of organization and expression. The written language, considered one of the huge constructions of the humanity, became a resource of expression elaborated from pertaining to school education, but that it is used widely, in different circumstances, also for that they had not frequented it or for as much others that had passed for the school without almost nothing to learn. METHODOLOGY The exploratrio method was used, the research was carried through through bibliographical survey in published books, and scientific articles in the Internet. For Saints (2006) the exploratria research is typically to make the first approach of a subject that it aims at to create the biggest familiarity in relation to a fact, phenomenon or process. Saints (2006) affirm despite most of the time it searchs to reach this familiarity for the prospection of materials that can inform to the researcher the real importance of the problem, the period of training where if they find the available information already regarding the subject, and even though to disclose to the researcher new information sources, therefore the exploratria research is almost always made in the form of bibliographical survey. In other words, many of the times the exploratrias research bring to the end as resulted of the process, a possible clarified problem more of inquiry by means of systemize procedures more. As Saints (2006) the bibliography is the set of materials written (being able to be graphically or electronically) regarding a subject, consists in a precious one... Continue reading
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This is handy if you're not going to hang him at once, as linen, which lies in water, less wrinkled. This feature can be incorporated into a program or provide additional key. 13. Protection crease - the phase of protection against crushing at the end of washing. At a speed of 30 rev / min at the end of the program drum along with the laundry, "gently swinging" back and forth. It is used in washing machines, AEG, Ardo, Electrolux, Siemens, Kaiser, Bosch. In washing ASKO machines except the phase of protection against crushing at the end of the program, a special regime against the crease (the drum makes one revolution per minute for several hours). 14. Disable feature extraction is very useful, for example, wool. It allows you to reduce the intensity of extraction (for delicate fabrics). 15. Delayed start - an opportunity to put laundry is convenient for you. This function is most useful in homes with dvuhtarifnymi counters. This feature is available in many models, Asko, Bosch, Kaiser, Electrolux, AEG, Gorenje and others. FIVE - IT'S NOT THE LIMIT As a rule, different models are different size drums. Most of the washing machine is designed for washing clothes 4.5-5 kg. At the same time and fit underwear enough, and crumple it is not too much. In general, the variation of maximum load varies in different models from 3 to 7.2 kg. Some manufacturers produce machines with a drum capacity of up to 10 kg (Samsung H1245A). As the main advantage of machines with high load is often stated that you rarely have to run it. In fact, it's not quite true. Agree, wait until you accumulate 10 kg of the same color clothes do not always convenient. Another thing big things - pillows, blankets, quilts - they... Continue reading
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Also, the shirt pressing device is designed to heat the cylinder before starting pressa.Protsess pressing. Modern domestic theory pressing pasta dough is based on research Lukyanov, Nazarov and teams. There are two types of pasta dough, which differ in appearance and physical properties: bulk kroshkoobrznaya weight after kneading the dough and compressed after pressing. Properties of compacted test. Elasticity - the property to recover its original shape after pressure is removed. Manifested in short-term loads. Plasticity - the ability to change shape at pressures above the critical value, called the elastic limit. Manifested in significant loads Viscosity - resistance to flow and is determined by the adhesion test particles with each other. Viscosity is the inverse of fluidity. Like all polymeric materials, which include compressed dough viscosity is not constant. It depends on humidity, temperature, pressure, pressing, etc. factors that we consider below. In the molding, the pressure in the chamber should be predmatrichnoy, depending on the conditions of -80-120 kg / cm . Effect of flour quality, mixing and extrusion parameters on the properties of dough and the quality Dense products pasta dough should have the following features: - be uniform in temperature and humidity, do not have nepromesov be free of pieces of dried dough - have plasticity and fluidity, so that raw products are not torn or cracked when handling - at the same time, it should be quite viscous, dense, so as not sticking to work surfaces and products separate them after the cut and did not lose shape. All these properties determined by three main factors: the quality of flour, the parameters of dough and pressing. The quality and quantity of gluten flour. Gluten defines the basic properties of the test (plasticity, viscosity and fluidity). The quality and quantity of gluten flour gluten determines the... Continue reading
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Did you know that you can not learn a lot of push-ups, carrying nothing but push-ups? Surely you know - this is a small detail in the course "push x4" freely distributed over the internet. The overall essence of the is this: If you concentrate on some push-ups, then the quality will go only to load the major muscles (chest, front of the delta, triceps). That means only they will be strengthened. But supporting musculature, occupied Stability, load almost does not get (read: not strengthened). And when the core muscles become much stronger support - progress will stop. That's how our muscles - losing balance, it loses efficiency. Let's think about how to get around this limitation. More precisely, not to circumvent, but to accept and adapt to suit our needs. Once the muscles involved in supporting the stabilization, so you need to change exercises, so that it were spent to stabilize the serious part of the effort. Logical? For example, what if during the push to put one hand under the basketball? The center of gravity shifted and it will already give the body a reason pobalansirovat, connect to movement of small muscles of the chest and shoulder stabilizers. What if each repetition to change hands, by which the ball? After the first push will be under the right, after the second - under the left, and so dalee.Prizhalis to the floor, stronger pushed, jumped over the ball, changing hands in the air, all repeated on the other hand ... That's real work to be stabilizing! First, the load will move from side to side. Second, the balance on the the ball, so even with the bounce - aerobatics. You can think of half a dozen more such exercises. And they will all help to increase your maximum in... Continue reading
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