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William Brown
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THE 2 FACES of MITT.. Who is the real Mitt Romney? If given the chance, would Mitt 'DEFUND Planned Parenthood' or overturn Roe v Wade?? Did Mitt really meant what he said behind closed doors, that 47% of American are automatic supporters of Obama because they are dependent on the government and don't pay taxes, or was Mitt lying to his GOP Base at the "Fund Raiser"??... Does Mitt really has a Tax Policy which arithmetic, or a Tax Policy with random numbers that don't add up? Is Mitt a mild mannered Clark Kent, or is Mitt a mentally unstable David Banner?. Will Mitt explode on people like Gov Rick Perry when he get angry or can't win an argument, or turn the other cheek?...... Like father- like son: Why did the military dodger and coward (Tagg Romney) threatened to punch the President of the United States...Is Mitt Romney a flip flopper, or a liar?? Do Mitt like to hire people, or does Mitt like to FIRE PEOPLE? Did Mitt really bully and cut a homosexual hair, or did Mitt have ROMNESIA? Why didn't Mitt write a book to introduce himself like most presidential candidates? Why did Mitt abuse his dog, in a cage, on the roof of his car for 650 miles? Why did Mitt seal his Juvenile arrest record for destroying a private golf course, with blocks of ice ? Did Mitt really have a binder full of women, or a house full of boys who dodges the military? Why doesn't Mitt show more than 2 yrs of his tax returns, contrary to his father belief? Why did Mitt dodge the Vietnam War with "4 yrs of RELIGION Deferment", and only spent 2 years in France on a Mormon Religion Missionary Stay?
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Oct 28, 2012