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William Bud Latanville
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Wil, A few years ago, I was taking a SharePoint administration con-ed course at a local college. The instructor's main job was working with the team getting the Toronto District School Board set up with SharePoint for teachers to manage classes, students to store their files, etc. Part of the specification was to enable media sharing between schools. If, for instance, one of the schools had a strong Film & Video production department, then the videos they were producing could be shared with all of the schools in the system, so teachers could use them as example, motivator, etc. The underlying tech they were going to use to spread out the network load for these potentially gigabyte-sized files was going to be .torrents. It was a perfect application of the technology to legal and most especially educational purposes. I don't know how well the overall integration has gone (not in contact with that instructor), but I think this relates very well to the intention and spirit of your post. peace, bud
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May 14, 2012