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William Bundy
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"first truly great mechanical keyboard"? I'd make the argument that the IBM Model M takes that prize. The only keyboard that feels better is the Model F (with the capacitive buckling springs, as opposed to the membranes of the Model M), but mine is from a PC XT, making it nigh-impossible to get it working with modern computers (let alone the layout difficulties). Though the built in output config is a nice touch, I've found it very simple to remap Capslock to Super and switch the text input layout to Dvorak in both Windows and various Linux desktop environments. The nubs on the F and J (or U and H) keys mean I never have to really look at the keyboard, which eliminates the need for backlights (for touch-typists, at least) and media keys tend to be incompatible with most media players I've used (not to mention that it wouldn't be that difficult just to simulate those with keychords in software). Maybe the best thing going for the CODE keyboard over the Model M is availability, specifically of the 87 key model. Getting one's hands on an IBM Model M spacesaver edition is difficult and pricey at best, but with those quiet-operation Cherry MX Clear's, I'm not so sure--I really like the audible clicks/pings of the buckling springs. At least you can buy 12ft long MicroUSB cables, but I haven't seen any that are coiled and springy.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2013 on The CODE Keyboard at Coding Horror
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Aug 27, 2013