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Gregory Wilson
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This is great news, Wil. Now that you've already gotten eight hundred invites, I might as well throw out one more--I'm a member of the Writers' Symposium, which has been handling the writing track at Gen Con for years now (Jean Rabe is the mastermind and coordinator), and as usual I and other pro writers are going to be running a series of panels on the craft and business of writing in the science fiction and fantasy fields. Pat Rothfuss was the guest of honor last year, Jim Hines (whom you know something about!) has been involved before, and over the years it's become one of the more consistently well attended parts of the con. Since you're obviously in the pro writer category, if you can squeeze in some time between killing armored boars, avoiding acid pits and doing whatever the AWESOME THING is going to be, we'd love to have you on a panel or two. Let me know and I'll happily send along a schedule. Either way, look forward to seeing you there! Greg Wilson
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Jun 19, 2010