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everyone looked good. as a Union fan/ rest purposes i'd like to see Sheanon get burn. Swagudelo and Boyd probably finish all the looks that Bunbury got tnite. Gyau's CRAZY fast! and the sky is blue. had to toss in one more obvious fact.
switch Bradley and Williams (MB played surprisingly well on the right for the usmnt a couple games back and switch Sacha for Edu. i have noooooo clue my Mo keeps getting the call he adds absolutely nothing to the squad
they should bring in Lichaj or Zach Lloyd and see Fabian Johnson at lm/lw... that also would've allowed Brek to stay wit u-23's. like someone already said earlier, these games were much more interesting about a week ago before both sides got depleted. tough break =\
i'm guess that you didn't see this... " the U.S. Under-23 national team slated to have a training camp in the 10 days leading up to a friendly against Mexico's U-23 side that is on the same day as the Italy friendly"
was TOTALLY against this but... when ya put it that way, i guess i can see the upside. my question is how do we get Torres and Adu on the field at the same time this season? i thought Torres outplayed Freddy every time they were both on the field.. mwanga farfan torres adu gomez, akugo ....... ? i also predict 34 different starting line ups from Nowak this year haha
I love the formation, we're only one piece away from doing damage. Edu's spot on the field just needs to be occupied by someone with higher technical ability. doesn't have to be an out n out CAM, but needs to have just a wee bit more offensive creativity (holden, torres, mixx, benny feilhaber, adu if he played any Defense, Hell... maybe even Sacha?) and then I think we're good.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2011 on USA falls to Ecuador on late goal at Soccer By Ives
Adu has yet to really look good to me. I think Torres has been outshining him in every game. Seems to be lacking that last little bit of zip to his play. And will someone PLEASE tell me how/why Paunovic plays as much as he does?
jacqua and noonan are just GOD-awful!! i don't even think they should b in this league let alone playin for the sounders
why don't they just use instant replay?! it literally took us all of 3 seconds to realize that Robbie Keane was CLEARLY on side! They wanna keep technology out of soccer but yet all the refs rock headset's [sigh]
Donovan looked just awful I thought. how come my man never wants to go to goal and score? ughk! Jozy was alright, i think he's best wit a partner. Juan was a breath of fresh air. Edu showed why Bradley starts over him. Castillo blew. Orozco shaky. Boca the usual. Shea, Rogers jusk ok. Tim stud. and Torres was a BEAST!
wow.. didn't know that was in the works for them. but ej could still be a good pick up for them if Fredy ends up with Ajax. EJ and Cisse... could b nice
Edu got injured, remember
torres is not an AM.. he's more along the lines of a Dax McCarty (andrea pirlo for the euro folk)
i hate they they don't do 4-4-2 line ups. it's the most conducive and get's the best players on the field. your either good enough to hold down ur position or ur not... anywho henrey-wondo shea-alonso-rosales-beckam rochat-g.john-olave-solli mondragon
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2011 on SBI's MLS Best XI (First Half) at Soccer By Ives
donovan was been so weaksauce this yr bro!
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2011 on SBI's MLS Best XI (First Half) at Soccer By Ives
Solli> Williams> Alston=Franklin
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2011 on SBI's MLS Best XI (First Half) at Soccer By Ives
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Jul 8, 2011