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Winter Seale
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There is surely no better way to unite people then a common threat! I bet it would substantially reduce drama too.
I do think, however, that there continues to be a strong migration of sales to Marketplace from in-world, especially for back-catalog items. While we've seen consistent declines in all in world venues, we continue to see growth in Marketplace sales. I suspect this is mostly a wash for most SL content creators. However, this trend seems to be hitting hard sim owners who funded their sims through vendor rentals. What model this will be replaced with isn't yet obvious to me, but I imagine something will settle out...
I still use a pre-2.x viewer, due to features available there not found anywhere else. The third party 2.x viewers have most of them, but the LL viewers have essentially none of them. Have the TPVs given me anything recently? Nope. But LL hasn't actually made any progress to catching up to 2009. I really wish they would... (Of course, I would *still* be using a TPV for RLV, which I use to manage outfits. Of course, if LL's outfit manager was less heinous, it would be an option, but it isn't so there you go.)
"their real name is already attached to their Gmail account" Uh, it is? Since when?