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Dave Camp, the Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, is refusing to release his hold on the 50-state E-Verify bill. His committee has jurisdiction over identity theft. He is unwilling to allow the E-Verify bill to stop illegal aliens from stealing Social Security numbers to obtain U.S. jobs. If you are really feeling energetic, why don’t you put in a phone call to one of Mr. Camp’s offices: 202-225-3625 Washington, DC (Ways & Means) 202-225-3561 Washington, DC (personal office) 202-224-3121 Washington, DC (Capitol switchboard) 989-631-2552 Midland, Mich. (district office) 231-929-4711 Traverse City, Mich. (district office) Please!
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The illegal identifications in this country are very extensive. We cannot track them down, and they are a ticking time bomb in some cases. We must deport all the illegal aliens, and then with the proper procedures, allow them to come back in. And if those families want re-unification, they can do so in Mexico which has the 11 largest economy in the world. This isn't rocket science, and if we do it that way, all the welfare begins to go way, way down. Detain and deport as the law tells us to do.
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Because “strong families are the foundation of successful communities,” it opposes policies that unnecessarily separate them. It recognizes immigrants’ value as workers and taxpayers. It ends by urging a humane approach to the reality of immigration: “Utah should always be a place that welcomes people of good will.” ------------------------------------- I suspect this was generated by the Catholic Church who refused to take credit for it because they are so heavily involved in saving their hospitals and schools from the illegal aliens they have permitted access. In any case, ..this.. country.. is.. a.. place.. of.. laws. I want the immunity of the churches that support the illegal aliens removed NOW, and those churches taxed as political organs, and perhaps as political organs of the Mexican Government. It is shameful that our government has done NOTHING to stop them in this heavy duty political mess. What a welcome contrast it draws with the xenophobic radicalism of places like Arizona. ------------------------------------------------- If a church member, or a gimme, gimme left wing idiot were not calling me dirty names rather than rationally examining the issue, I just wouldn't know where I am. The signers, who hope to influence the shape of state immigration policy, include the mayors of Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County, the state attorney general, two Republican former governors, a former United States senator, and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, the Chamber of Commerce and a host of other civic groups and citizens. The prominent and powerful Mormon Church did not sign on but issued a “statement of support” calling the compact “a responsible approach to the urgent challenge of immigration reform.” --------------------------------------------------- The Immigration Laws we used to deal with illegal aliens worked very well for many years. WORKED WELL! President Clinton decided to NOT FUND the Border Patrol, and at that point the whole border enforcement went down hill. Narcotics flowed across the border, people came over galore. What also happened is noted in the infamy of the Clinton Presidency. The Mexican Mafia began working on an excellent forged I.D. for California, and then Arizona, and they got the. Up comes the REAL I.D., and the States love those cheap wages, and we wind up millions of illegal aliens tapping into welfare while they worked menial jobs, and then simply millions of illegal aliens working our jobs with excellent identification. George Bush Continued that process until his second term. He began beefing up the Border Patrol and as soon as Obama got there, he complained about spending that money. The illegal aliens voted for him.. heck no he didn't want border control. The illegal aliens voted for Harry Reid.. heck no he didn't want border controls. So will this ever stop. Yes.. if we can control the political aspirations of the Catholic Church and Obama controls the border. And you know what? I don't think either one will happen.
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“We can’t be anti-immigration, for example. Because immigrants are fueling this country. Without immigrants [the U.S.] would be like Europe or Japan, with an aging population and no young people coming in to take care of it. ================================ No one.. including the people who want the laws enforced, are against immigrants. Sadly, the General doesn't know what an illegal alien is.. or what the issues is. And yes. the population is aging and that will pass, and the United States will again pursue a very environmentally friendly process that allows the National Environment to live while the people live. Wanna see an ugly story... check out the water shortages in the Southwest. But look a little further, and you discover that same condition exists in many of the towns across the nation. Sooo... what are the illegal aliens going to drink?
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Sep 20, 2010