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Michael Wisper
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Wow1 Big shock! Really, ALABAMA?? What do you expect from a state with more than it's share of ignorant crackers who believe everything they're told. Until you ASK them, the only ones spouting off fallacies about Obama's religion have been the Republican Presidential Candidates...oh, yeah, and the ignoramuses that make up the Tea Party. Consider the source. These people do no, will not and will NEVER think for themselves, much less listen to reasoned arguments. These are the people who still STRING UP black people, so Barack's getting off EASY just being called a Muslim. And in any case, what exactly do those morons KNOW about the Muslim religion? Not enough to write a treatise about it, no doubt. They need to stay out of the polling booths and go back to THERE'S something they know about!
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Mar 12, 2012