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as an admin in a genealogy facebook group (GAA), the first thing i would recommend doing is search for genealogy under groups. make sure that you have genealogy interests showing-whether it be liking genealogy related pages or historical items. upload and share old photos if you have them and have interactions with friends and family. if you're just starting to use Facebook as a resource, admins will send messages asking about your interest. sometimes those messages will go to your "Other" folder, so make sure to check it and respond. Our group has lots or knowledgeable, friendly people who are willing to help. just remember: genealogy is searching dead people, not living!
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Ditto!!! I reside in West Virginia, and am not able to just take off to the BPL at a moments' notice, either. I am book marking this page for future reference. Also, would anyone happen to know anything about adoption laws in Massachusetts pre-1855?
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2014 on Massachusetts Town Records at The Slovak Yankee
I also descend from Rose Stoughton Otis through her daughter, Judith Otis. I am very curious as to the meaning of the "norroy kinge of armes" quoted in the manuscript.
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Jun 8, 2014