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This I like.
Wow he looks great in those pictures, looks like he has really fit in well in their warm up jog and stretching drills. Based on those pictures he should be ready to jump into their starting line up right away.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2011 on SBI's Top 5 USMNT Goals of 2011 at Soccer By Ives
OK I'll bite. Deuce, Friedel, Donovan, Howard, Chandler, Bradley, Kljeistan, Altidore.
I understand the history behind the sash, I just don't quite get the ghost sash in these jersies. It just seems unnecessary.
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2011 on Is this the next USMNT jersey? at Soccer By Ives
Seems like he is really bringing in a cast of players to audition for the LB position: Lloyd, Pearce, Castillo, Johnson.
It seems to me that Arsnal has no aspirations of competing for top spots this year. It seems to me that they buy players young. Let them develope together for a couple seasons and then make one or two real good runs at a championship. Then they do the sensible business move which is to sell all their best players they've developed for a nice profit. Just b/c some of the big clubs spend and spend does not mean this is or should be every teams strategy. Arsenal is cyclical and unfortunately for Arsenal fans this is a rebuilding stage in that cycle.
Gotta get this guy into the next two USMNT friendlies. We can't lose a prospect like this.
Wow the Galaxy keeper made some great saves.
I think you mean "the ruling on the field stands. Comunicaciones is charged with their first timeout."
lol. I saw that too. Gotta give the man credit, he is the man when it comes to US soccer reporting. They clearly all respect him. That's why this site is my go to for all things US soccer.
Nice to see how urgently Rangers want his services.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2011 on Bedoya granted work permit at Soccer By Ives
Freddy in a Bimbo jersey. Seems Appropriate.
I thought it was today also.
Agreed. Time to find someone new. Convey? Maybe? I'd like to see Lloyd back in there. Thought he looked good in his one cap.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2011 on Lichaj doubtful for Mexico game at Soccer By Ives
I struggle to figure out where exactly Spector fits into our NT. In midfield I believe he is behind a number of players and only see him being used as third string depth. In defense I see him behind Cherundolo and Chandler. I don't see him being trusted with CB. Maybe left back? Just not sure that is a strong position for him. At this point I don't see him playing a significant role, simply adding depth accross the field due to his versatility. So I guess anywhere he plays is a plus but I don't see him being a major USMNT contributor in the future.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2011 on Spector signs Birmingham deal at Soccer By Ives
Seriously! I'm pretty sure we could have done better than losing 5-0 to Nigeria. Man that draw against Guatemala was really unfortunate. Our young guns really missed a great opportunity to gain experience by blowing that Guatemala game.
Blah, Blah, Blah...Ur an idiot.
Great Goal!
Pretty Cool Technology they are proposing. I thought the US bid committee should have discussed how technology will play into delivering our World Cup to the World (smartphones, internet, etc.)to minimize the impressiveness of what Japan proposes b/c most of what they propose will be commonplace in much of the world and will not be as ground breaking as they make it all sound. That being said the 3D live viewing sounds pretty great.