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Wil, Do you still have that picture you took of me in my Matty Roth costume from DragonCon? You and Felicia were the only ones that got the costume and thusly, the only ones that got pictures of me! It was AMAZING meeting you there, you most certainly made the con for me. Hope you enjoy your time off! -Steve
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is it bad that I am less "Aww, Wil is quitting" and more "Ooo I wonder what iPad app that is!" Speaking of which Wil, how is it? Can we expect a post soon on your thoughts on the forbidden device?
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2010 on In which I am a HPOA at WWdN: In Exile
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Moderation in everything and everything in moderation. Facebook is just a tool, like Twitter, and the key is to not put something on the internet that you wouldn't want your next door neighbor to know. Privacy rules or not, if you upload a picture to Facebook or to twitter or to Flickr, it's out there and anyone can get it. The Key is, of course, to realize what info you are putting out there and only put out what you want others to know. Unfortunately, the downside being that by not using the tools available to us, we are limited in who we can reach out and touch/connect with. To be honest, you could create a Facebook page with the exact same limited info that is on twitter, Link it to your Twitter account, and then never go there again. It would update from Twitter and live on it's own.
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I actually still have the Atari 2600 cart and my system is still hooked up down in the basement. Perhaps I will go down there and play it again, and snap a few pics for you. Or I could just play Pitfall instead.
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Apr 6, 2010